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Hi im Dalto [Liberation]

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I figured I should make this so you can get to know me.

My name is Dalton, IGN is Dalto and my steam is Nutkilla.  I am 21 years old, I am from Indiana which others don't know its a state. I have been playing Arma since I was 12 years old with Arma 2 playing islandlife and RP servers.

I played liberation then as well for a couple hundred hours but it never appealed to me as Arma 3 Liberation. Its more refined and less buggy, as I was playing around when it first came out. I love flying in Arma, Helicopters or CAS Jets.

Not those big ass transport planes that take a year to get the control surfaces to go in the correct direction to land. when I have to ground pound, I play as infantry machine gunner providing support to my boys as they charge the enemy from the front. When I am not being a war hero, I help our guys in logistics rapidly spamming my enter key towards helicopters in hopes I dont blow our helicopters up with boxes.

I worked as a helper for realifeRPG for 3 months until I was promoted to Moderator as I completed more than 50 support cases a week, I retired before they could award me admin. But I played on the server for 2 years until life told me to get a job, or maybe it was my dad. I dont remember.  I also speak Spanish as my second language as my girlfriend is from Mexico, so she beats on me constantly for playing Arma. 



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