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  5. Hello my name is foodstuffs. I'm constantly playing invade and annex and feel as though I can give back for the time I spend here making sure everything is running smooth. I'm a long time arma player. I don't have Zeus or coding experience that's noteworthy. I do have administrative experience. My schedule is varied but I find myself on more during slower periods on the server.
  6. I've been playing on this server for many years now and I've accumulated nearly 1480 hours within Arma 3 as a whole. I would wager that at least 70 percent of that if not more is entirely on Volition's I&A NO MODS server. It is easily the best and most chilled Arma server I've been on and I started playing on it within my first hours of playing Arma 3 in general. The community is great, staff is diligent and Graphix7 has managed it beautifully. In my experience keeping servers like this running for so consistently for so long is a triumph all of its own. I've had my odd complaint every now and then of course but I have to say the most recent updates made in the last months have put it over the top. I haven't applied before because I simply saw no reason to as it as always adequately staffed in pretty much all the time I've played but I noticed the recent call to action in the discord announcements and I'd like to offer an extra hand in administration. This wouldn't exactly be my first time being in an administration role of course, when I was younger I used to be a part of a few Gmod DarkRP servers and made a good amount of experience. In one instance I was made a manager of other less experienced admins on the server so I was trusted with a fair amount of responsibility at the time (it was called A$AP DarkRP I believe in the one in a million chance that someone played gmod around that time, its long dead now as the owner fell off the deep end). This was a long time ago however and doesn't directly translate to Arma's own system but I feel its good to mention that I'm not coming into this completely fresh. I do however want to address a problem that anyone who has played with me knows well in that I don't use a microphone. I have my own personal reasons as to why this is but so far I've gotten along for hundreds of hours in this server just fine but I do see how this could be an issue in being an admin. If this is too much of a problem I understand fully but I don't really plan on using one frequently. I can suggest that I act as sort of "unseen" or undercover admin as an alternative. I feel this could be a good compromise as it would allow in certain times for rule breakers or hackers or what have you to feel comfortable and act more carelessly and can be dealt with quickly without much of a hassle and relatively unnoticed. I don't mind creating reports or logs (I do a lot of that in my real job anyway) of my activity in order for it to remain fair and making sure I'm not abusing abilities unsupervised. Of course other admins and regulars would know the deal as well and I'd help out in normal admin stuff, abit more quietly. This is merely a suggestion of course but I feel like certain individuals like this helped a great deal when I was running my Gmod servers as people stopped hiding their nature in the guise of being unsupervised, however in all honesty Gmod servers were always much more hectic in general and needed that sort of thing to keep from totally falling apart. In any case I also don't mind acting as a regular admin to help out so long as my microphone stipulation isn't a dealbreaker. This is a wonderful server and I've been donating regularly for a while now as it remains one of the few I actually considered worth an investment in. I'll help in any way I can to keep this place running strong. - Mark Nutt Also as a side note I do have some very minor experience in modding Arma 3. I've created a few models and imported them into the game, creating animations and coding their parameters but considering this is a NO MODS server I'm sure that's not exactly the most helpful knowledge to have.
  7. Generally speaking, there was a large group of regulars that played on the server. The server owner always had been quick to cut out any BS and greifing, so the rest of us more or less never had to enforce any rules. It certainly was nice, but we were all ready to do it if we needed to.
  8. Hey Lukas, thanks for the application! I, too, had no admin experience before joining the Volition team. We all gotta start somewhere! If you're curious about zeus, the best way to learn is in eden editor...start a blank mission and just go from there. There's also a ton of content on youtube to help with more intricate stuff!
  9. Thanks for the application, Bryan! We're always glad to hear about how much newcomers enjoy our server and the community that supports it!
  10. Thanks for your application! Being able to handle stupidity is a trait that, if not already possessed, will be forced upon any arma server admin!
  11. Thanks for your application! I find it impressive that you've never had to punish anyone for being a dipshit on your other server....hard to believe any community of humans doesn't include at least one dipshit!
  12. Good day. Hi I am Codsworth. I've been Playing on mods for quite awhile now and this is kind the first real Arma community I was apart of. I mainly fly around the server as a transport pilot and try to just cheer people up. I Feel im the right choice since I'm the server quite often and I've had experience Moderating and keeping the peace in places. I personally have a baseline respect for everyone I meet and i try to be friendly and at least inviting for all players and people. i have a lot of time in the Zeus interface so if things go wrong in the server I should be able to fix or at least sort it out. Well anyways that all I have right now. Have a good day and I hope to be apart of the staff on No Mods.
  13. Discord: The Nut#4424 & In game: Big Dick Bryan Intro: I have been playing arma 2 and 3 for a long time. Ran into this gem of a server not long ago only about a week ago now. Now I am spoiled with it from the planning to the staff intervention this server is by far the best liberation server I have ever played on. I really enjoy the people that play on the server and the fun interactions we have. I have always loved Military shooters since I was young. My game history varies largely but in military shooters I have a large amounts of hours in Arma 2 and 3. I play Squad, Postscriptum, hell let loose, war thunder, insurgency, insurgency sandstorm, men of war Assault squad 2, Heros and generals, hearts of iron 4, pavlov, wargame red dragon, and Foxhole. I have been an admin back when I used to play arma 2 on unsung servers. I was an admin on an Exile server for arma 3 a while back. I work nights and I am on the server when the only other admin that is on close to when I am is coffee. I believe I would be a great addition since I am on the server when most others are not. I absolutely love their server and feel that I would be a great admin to the team. My favorite Starburst color is Orange
  14. Discord is Cipher#0320 and in-game is Doc Cipher I was introduced to volition servers about a year ago from some squad buddies and have been a part of the volition liberation team since it was introduced. I enjoy tactical shooters and FPS games overall. I'm pretty easy going and get along well with others although I don't handle stupidity well and often try to get others back in line if they goof off to much. I'm also a very straight forward person who isnt afraid to speak their own mind when situations arise that call for it. I have a few hundred hours into Arma 3 mainly being I&A and Liberation, and sever hundred hours into other games such as Destiny 2, Squad, and Post Scriptum. As far as an actual MP server admin I have no experience but I'm willing to learn to expand my horizons a bit further. I have an interest in being an admin on liberation because I consistently play on the liberation server and would like to help keep things running smoothly with the player base and add to the overall experience. I would also like to be able to weigh in on matters such as mods for the server or even different changes made to the overall game play. Favorite starburst color is cherry.
  15. My discord is MulletBoy#0069 and my in game name is MulletBoyLuke Ive been on lib for awhile and volition servers in general, first I&A then i found out about lib so ive been on VS servers as long as i played arma, really enjoy lib and its entirety. Mostly played flight sims and military style games the whole time ive been gaming. Never really played too many games besides those, other games ive played are more like watchdogs and far cry, not too big of a gamer but i do enjoy it. Sadly no admin experience but im willing to learn zeus and all the other things that go into it. My reason of interest is that i love lib and since arma is like the only game i play i spend all of my time on lib, i basically play on no other servers except I&A once in a blue moon, i would like to help test out mods and see what can be useful and what wont, and im wiling to learn how to setup side ops and how to properly use zeus and its properties. Favorite starbursts has to be orange
  16. - Pyrrha Nyx#0069 with the display name Ice on discord, Heart of Ice in Arma 3 - I first found VS Liberation way, way back when Roy was running things, wanting a Lib server to play on that was friendly and accepting, and not a milsim. I've been a steady regular ever since then. I get on quite often, and I always have fun with the people I play with. I'm generally pretty easy going, like to make jokes and keep moods light, but I can be serious if the situation calls for it. Fun is the name of the game after all, and I partake in quite a bit of it with my high kill counts on Lib. (Usually the highest on the server when I'm on, hehe.) - I have over 7,000 hours in TF2, I'm a big fan of SupCom, and I have almost 2500 hours logged in Arma 3. I love FPS games, and strategy games! - I am an Admin on a server that used to run exclusively Liberation, and had been such for a few months before activity started to decline and playtimes were mostly just operations. I try to make fun and engaging events for the players on the server I admin on, and so far haven't had any complaints! I'm very familiar with Achilles and Zeus Enhanced, and thankfully haven't had to punish anyone for being a dipshit. - I've mentioned several times in the discord and in game I'm an admin for another server, and I've often given my input and suggestions to the Liberation Staff based on that experience. I know times are tough and sometimes most of the other admins can't be online, especially when I'm online, so being able to have the flexibility of having admins on regularly, as well as my prior knowledge and know-how of being an admin, I think would help benefit the server. Plus setting up side ops sounds really, really fun. - Favorite starburst color: Pink if we're talking normal starburst. Though blue is a close second!
  17. We always welcome players' interest in joining the Liberation admin team but are not always seeking additional staff members. If we are looking for new admin, or if you just want to apply anyway, consider including some of the following topics in your application. - Discord & In-game user ID - Short personal introduction - Gaming history - Admin experience, if any - Reason for interest in admin role - Favorite starburst color
  18. Greetings, it is me spooky and I would like to apply to possibly become an admin for the volition I&A.I absolutely love this server I have played on it for about four or five months and I have amounted about 550 hours on the server and I have 669 hours on the game itself. I play on the server quite regularly. I actually have the well until proven otherwise set the record for kills on the server at about 1100 kills although most of those kills were made by me clicking one button in arty for 4 hours. Sadly I have not had the chance to be a admin on any other servers discord,Minecraft,SCP,Etc so I don't have any experience as a admin but i know what a admin is supposed to do. I also have fooled around in zeus a bit so i know my way around zeus.I think I could possibly be a good addition to the I&A staff. -Spooky
  19. Personal Information NO MODS server is an awesome place for new and well versed p[layers. The community is super nice and helpful (I love helping new players. (not sure if it matters but I pay the monthly subscription for vic skins, and generally support such a good server) I am generally pretty knowledgeable about the game 1,300 in game hours which I know is not a lot. But I have played all scenarios and know quite a bit about this server. I know its mostly code, bunt I am well versed in ALiVE and Achilies. Server Information Also I tend to use the NO MODS server, but if it's empty, I head over to the 55th. But NO MODS is my favorite by far server. I have never manage any discord. I am very new to it, but I am a feast learner. (I work in VFX which is a daily learning experience) - Are you familiar with Discord Bots and commands? No but if accepted I will google and know how to do it within a day. - What do you participate in in our Discord? mainly posting small clips or screenshots Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? I would like to make sure the server is running and everyone is having fun. I also like the idea of making special side missions for the players to achieve sometimes folks will start their own group for side-ops. I think these guys would love this kind of stuff but with more variation. - this is not a deal breaker. - What is your availability? on discord, 8am-10pm daily - How would you handle situations like advertisement bots, problem users, and general problem people ad bots I need to research how to ban them/warn them. Also determine if is IS indeed a bot. Problem users, 3 strikes and your out - banning I don't know if there are time limits or what, but it would match the crimes against other player. (like a dude running everyone over at base would get a 24 hour ban if he didn't stop.) the video attached is us working as a team and getting the truck side mission to it's destination, it took lots of people, teamwork and vehicles. My favorite parts of this game. :D!!!! Arma 3 2021-02-14 19-37-39_2.mp4 Arma 3 2021-02-14 19-37-39_2.mp4
  20. Hi there. I've been on the server for just about a year now and, I've come to really enjoy the server. For the server I really feel I've given help to many people there and I would like to help even more there by being an admin I am really organized and willing to do anything to help others either get to know the server and keep the calm and order within it. I did 6 years in the military and know how keep calm under any situation. I do hope I make a great fit in the position if at all possible.
  21. Thank you for the feedback Chant!
  22. Bear i play arma 3 with this server ,been in it atleast 1 week total by now .got introduced to it by jbednar like 2 weeks ago and really enjoying it U bear U in u why am i making this, most people know who bear is and that i am also squishy i like to play music in direct chat + i do requests and try to make people have a great time ,as a medic ill prolly run 1 k if you ask me to ,and ill sprint under fire of a fresh AO too, all fun and fun. if you ask me to record something or take a screenshot for you ,i enjoy doing that and do it often .im never busy so call me over to a certain objective or just random part of the map to hang out and ill prolly be there with haste. i play other games too so if you think you wanna hang out with me more for some strange reason feel free to ask. im in highschool in texas so im usually afk like 4-1600 on weekdays .got no life otherwise tho so ill prolly be asleep, watching stuff or playing games. if you see me ingame say hi ,ill attach to you for like 10 minutes {dont tell anyone but i probably have more memes than you do ,and ill share them with you if your replys arent drys} i know noone asked but my dogs and cat are attached
  23. Hello! I have been playing Arma 3, specifically I&A a lot lately. I enjoy the server a lot! I want to help out everyone and make everyone as happy as possible. I have experience with other moderation type things. Such as one of the biggest SCP:SL servers. I have also moderated, and pushed forward a small discord server to thousands of people, I had once been co-owner on there too. As of Arma I have learned a lot fairly quickly, and I'm good at almost every role. I have learned a lot about actual military things, so I have some knowledge on a bit of things. More on I&A Arma 3. I noticed a lot of people come on here and be rude to others with no consequence, and I feel like that could be fixed! I want this server to be the best server ever, I mean it already is but you know.... Even if I don't get accepted whoever try's in the future does! That's all I could think of. Thank you!
  24. +1 rep, man is an absolute unit and one of the most chill people you will ever meet
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