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  4. Yes it has been dealt with
  5. Hello Gryff have you been told anything else about this matter?
  6. Hi, on inserting BAF UK vehicles into Annex it leaves them with 1 mag for each vehicle weapon & no reloads. How do I get them to have normal ammo loadouts for all vehicle weapons ? Could it be in here fn_downgradeVehicleWeapons.sqf ?.. fn_downgradeVehicleWeapons.sqf
  7. Hello fellow A3 aficionados, have played OFP to A3 over past 20yrs & am still loving it. I live in Tasmania (Rural) & have 2 way satellite so my ping is always higher than others & I get occasional lag sometimes if servers are full but its nothing like 28kb dialup I had to put up with for first 15yrs. [RM] was created back in 2002 & by pure chance I joined at the start & have been a member ever since. We try to play with some realism & there's no Rambo.. Cheers see you in game..
  8. Issue closed. Handled in private.
  9. I've put sometime into thinking about it and I regret what I did back in October when I blew all the vehicles I brought back from a City as a way to troll the server, this lead to an instant perma ban and I was fine at the time. But now everything is just going to crap. So I wanted to apologize on behalf of my immaturity at the time, I blew all the vehicles because I was mad about how the system was ran, and I want to be able to come back and play with you guys again. I'll refrain from doing such things again, and I'll do my best not to stir up fights or any of the sort.
  10. You were warned multiple times by admin not to do basic things, you ignored those warnings and at one point told me directly in-game "I don't care." Multiple players disconnected because of your inability to participate in a shared gaming experience. You claimed you didn't know who the admin were, despite admin names being posted in game chat every hour AND being told by players AND you claimed to have read the #guides-info channel where all staff names are prominently displayed. Strike One=1 week ban You were banned for a week, to which you responded, "well I'm sorry I'll see you guys in a week." Upon your return, player and staff complaints immediately began coming in saying that you would constantly disregard rules concerning civilians and civilian assets, wasting vehicles, telling other players to ignore the rules and a general refusal to play as a team. Strike Two=build and flight perms removed Without any sign that you accepted responsibility for any charges against you, you continued to suggest that players disregard the rules, you continued to disregard warnings from admin and you continued to refuse to follow any form of common grounds gameplay with others on the server. You also lodged complaints about admin in a blatant attempt to discredit their reports on your behavior. Strike Three=Permanent Ban pending appeal Your treatment had nothing to do with age or personal animosities. We have players your age who get on fine and some players who don't like eachother. These accusations of yours are unfounded. Your appeal is not convincing. You have made zero effort to understand any attempt at finding a common ground on any topic discussed. Your recollection of events is extremely biased and almost intentionally tunnelvisioned to the point where I'm concerned you're simply not paying attention to half the stuff that goes on in the game.l and in our private dm's where you vehemently deny all accusations. All of this combined is pretty convincing evidence that removing your ban will not change anything about your gaming style and all this effort to communicate with you will be wasted and repeated. I consider this matter closed. If you are not satisfied with my conclusion, you're going to have a tough time in life participating in any form of community and I suggest you reflect on your desires to ignore rules and the people trying to help you.
  11. I was banned about 2 years ago maybe longer for trolling/destroying team assets if I can remember, ya I did it and look back on it un-impressed with my self with the choices I made and I am hoping I can be let back into this community and show that I have matured from what I was a few years ago to what I am now. I would understand keeping the ban on me since I pretty much ruined the game for the entire server while I was doing what I was. Not sure if you can find me on record since I just made this account as I don't remember having one for the website, if you can't figure out who I am I can share the necessary details that you may need.
  12. To Max, Glad to finally "meet" you! I hope you're addiction is healthy and long-lasting haha From Max
  13. Hey y'all, my name is Max, I'm a 23 year old Texan and I'm fairly new to Volition Servers. I've been playing Arma 3 off and on for the last few years tryin to find a good server to play on that had a good community and I finally found one when me and an old friend just randomly joined about 5 months back and I've been addicted to playing Liberation, I love the combination between goofiness and seriousness that it has, the admins and everyone else have been good to me and I've come to consider them friends.
  14. i may have killed civilians a max of 10 times in a heli and blaming me for "bombarding" a building back in takistan is not a reason to get banned like 2 months later and i have not ff on purpose and its obvious if i accidently i apologize and revive them and bringing up "in voice chat all you ever do was say people tell you to do it" was from the takistan incident and not from any newer missions all of your points are from month ago so i do not know why i got banned on the atlas and i "buddy fucking" and " you need to work hard for your assets" is a baseless statement since when no one is on i would do some supply runs and i brought home on the chernarus summer server at least 3 t90/t72 3bmp/btr and 5 gaz and i would work to get my assets if you payed attention to what i would do i would buy maybe 5 darters the whole server and i would use them I worked on the servers i would buy like maybe a few humvees and maybe 2 buffalos through out my whole time playing on the liberation server. and to get banned for doing something I've already had been banned for over a month ago doesn't seem fair and to get banned for someone not liking me or to hate me for being younger is not a fair ban and nowhere does it say and just because i don't build a whole fob since i respect when players would like to build it themselves but if i see a fault i will fix or add to it and i have done so much hard work on the server and to ban me for "showing extensive patience" doesn't mean anything if you don't say anything if i do something wrong i would rather be helped to know what i'm doing wrong so i can correct it to expect me to read your mind is not a reasonable thing for you to expect from anyone and to "personally would like to see this perm ban remain" is not something which is not a fair reason to be perma banned. And also don't expect just because you are an admin doesn't mean i will talk all respectfully as if you were a god .I would treat you as another person and not put you on a different level than others since it just doesn't seem like good thing I will address you as if you were a friend since that is what most people would prefer and to be treated as a human not as some god .So if you can look for a non outdated reason i would love that . Love Mattdaboss36(aka mmp)
  15. From several first hand accounts I noticed that often times you would bombard civilians or buildings, I've seen you obliterate friendly assets from what appeared very clearly to me that it was intentional, you have friendly fired myself many times so I can only imagine you've killed other friendly's on a few accounts as well. (shit happens I have accidentally FF as well) During every single event you kind of said people tell me to do it and really refuse to listen and you just carry on like that for weeks and weeks. Myself was never able to get through to you at all when I asked why you keep doing this, in voice chat all you ever do was say people tell you to do it and that's all we got. Yet nobody in comms or in game text said any of this at all. In fact it was the opposite. Because you refused to actually communicate properly and address the issues they had enough and perm banned you. You should have realized that by doing all these things constantly over a long period of time, you really are buddy fucking your team because you need to work hard for your assets on there. Staff showed some extensive patience with you without any progress. I personally would like to see this perm ban remain.
  16. I got banned for "Repeated offenses including team killing, killing civilians, encouraging both, as well as disrespecting server staff" but i did not do any of it . The only thing i might have done was ask who graphic is because i did not know who they were referring to. I have been wondering why i actually got banned if like a more specific reason that could explain this
  17. Submitting my application for admin position.
  18. Hello my name is foodstuffs. I'm constantly playing invade and annex and feel as though I can give back for the time I spend here making sure everything is running smooth. I'm a long time arma player. I don't have Zeus or coding experience that's noteworthy. I do have administrative experience. My schedule is varied but I find myself on more during slower periods on the server.
  19. I've been playing on this server for many years now and I've accumulated nearly 1480 hours within Arma 3 as a whole. I would wager that at least 70 percent of that if not more is entirely on Volition's I&A NO MODS server. It is easily the best and most chilled Arma server I've been on and I started playing on it within my first hours of playing Arma 3 in general. The community is great, staff is diligent and Graphix7 has managed it beautifully. In my experience keeping servers like this running for so consistently for so long is a triumph all of its own. I've had my odd complaint every now and then of course but I have to say the most recent updates made in the last months have put it over the top. I haven't applied before because I simply saw no reason to as it as always adequately staffed in pretty much all the time I've played but I noticed the recent call to action in the discord announcements and I'd like to offer an extra hand in administration. This wouldn't exactly be my first time being in an administration role of course, when I was younger I used to be a part of a few Gmod DarkRP servers and made a good amount of experience. In one instance I was made a manager of other less experienced admins on the server so I was trusted with a fair amount of responsibility at the time (it was called A$AP DarkRP I believe in the one in a million chance that someone played gmod around that time, its long dead now as the owner fell off the deep end). This was a long time ago however and doesn't directly translate to Arma's own system but I feel its good to mention that I'm not coming into this completely fresh. I do however want to address a problem that anyone who has played with me knows well in that I don't use a microphone. I have my own personal reasons as to why this is but so far I've gotten along for hundreds of hours in this server just fine but I do see how this could be an issue in being an admin. If this is too much of a problem I understand fully but I don't really plan on using one frequently. I can suggest that I act as sort of "unseen" or undercover admin as an alternative. I feel this could be a good compromise as it would allow in certain times for rule breakers or hackers or what have you to feel comfortable and act more carelessly and can be dealt with quickly without much of a hassle and relatively unnoticed. I don't mind creating reports or logs (I do a lot of that in my real job anyway) of my activity in order for it to remain fair and making sure I'm not abusing abilities unsupervised. Of course other admins and regulars would know the deal as well and I'd help out in normal admin stuff, abit more quietly. This is merely a suggestion of course but I feel like certain individuals like this helped a great deal when I was running my Gmod servers as people stopped hiding their nature in the guise of being unsupervised, however in all honesty Gmod servers were always much more hectic in general and needed that sort of thing to keep from totally falling apart. In any case I also don't mind acting as a regular admin to help out so long as my microphone stipulation isn't a dealbreaker. This is a wonderful server and I've been donating regularly for a while now as it remains one of the few I actually considered worth an investment in. I'll help in any way I can to keep this place running strong. - Mark Nutt Also as a side note I do have some very minor experience in modding Arma 3. I've created a few models and imported them into the game, creating animations and coding their parameters but considering this is a NO MODS server I'm sure that's not exactly the most helpful knowledge to have.
  20. Generally speaking, there was a large group of regulars that played on the server. The server owner always had been quick to cut out any BS and greifing, so the rest of us more or less never had to enforce any rules. It certainly was nice, but we were all ready to do it if we needed to.
  21. Hey Lukas, thanks for the application! I, too, had no admin experience before joining the Volition team. We all gotta start somewhere! If you're curious about zeus, the best way to learn is in eden editor...start a blank mission and just go from there. There's also a ton of content on youtube to help with more intricate stuff!
  22. Thanks for the application, Bryan! We're always glad to hear about how much newcomers enjoy our server and the community that supports it!
  23. Thanks for your application! Being able to handle stupidity is a trait that, if not already possessed, will be forced upon any arma server admin!
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