Welcome to Volition Servers!

Volition Servers started with Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, expanded to other Source games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. From 2010 to 2013 we’ve provided quality servers for our players and now we’re back. VS is not a clan, but a community; a group of friends enjoying the fun of gaming! Our servers are non-profit and committed to appealing to you and that community. We’re happy to greet you into the Volition Servers community, where the servers are dedicated to you!

Truly Dedicated

All of our dedicated server are truly dedicated to the players.  We are non-profit, and not impending a doctrine.  Our goal is only to make sure our members are having fun.

Community Building

Our administration strives to maintain communication with the community and work with the members to build Volition Servers together.  Our admin team works WITH the players.

Diverse and Versitle

Volition Servers knows no boundaries! We welcome all demographics and we do not limit our community to 1 video game.  It’s a pillar of our motivation to unite players from all corners of  the interactive art.

Scheduled Events

We understand the value in a connection between our members outside of everyday gaming.  Volition Servers actively hosts scheduled events to bring our community closer together and facilitate fun times!

Advocate Free Speech

The key word for our community is “Volition” to represent the focus we have for freedom of speech and expression.  Here, we do not believe in censorship and political correctness.  When was the last time you had to watch your mouth around your friends?

Gamers Unite!

Video games are an incredibly wonderful part of our lives.  We love the interactive art and look forward to sharing appreciation for games with you!


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