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    Greetings, it is me spooky and I would like to apply to possibly become an admin for the volition I&A.I absolutely love this server I have played on it for about four or five months and I have amounted about 550 hours on the server and I have 669 hours on the game itself. I play on the server quite regularly. I actually have the well until proven otherwise set the record for kills on the server at about 1100 kills although most of those kills were made by me clicking one button in arty for 4 hours. Sadly I have not had the chance to be a admin on any other servers discord,Minecraft,SCP,Etc so I don't have any experience as a admin but i know what a admin is supposed to do. I also have fooled around in zeus a bit so i know my way around zeus.I think I could possibly be a good addition to the I&A staff. -Spooky
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    Personal Information NO MODS server is an awesome place for new and well versed p[layers. The community is super nice and helpful (I love helping new players. (not sure if it matters but I pay the monthly subscription for vic skins, and generally support such a good server) I am generally pretty knowledgeable about the game 1,300 in game hours which I know is not a lot. But I have played all scenarios and know quite a bit about this server. I know its mostly code, bunt I am well versed in ALiVE and Achilies. Server Information Also I tend to use the NO MODS server, but if it's empty, I head over to the 55th. But NO MODS is my favorite by far server. I have never manage any discord. I am very new to it, but I am a feast learner. (I work in VFX which is a daily learning experience) - Are you familiar with Discord Bots and commands? No but if accepted I will google and know how to do it within a day. - What do you participate in in our Discord? mainly posting small clips or screenshots Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? I would like to make sure the server is running and everyone is having fun. I also like the idea of making special side missions for the players to achieve sometimes folks will start their own group for side-ops. I think these guys would love this kind of stuff but with more variation. - this is not a deal breaker. - What is your availability? on discord, 8am-10pm daily - How would you handle situations like advertisement bots, problem users, and general problem people ad bots I need to research how to ban them/warn them. Also determine if is IS indeed a bot. Problem users, 3 strikes and your out - banning I don't know if there are time limits or what, but it would match the crimes against other player. (like a dude running everyone over at base would get a 24 hour ban if he didn't stop.) the video attached is us working as a team and getting the truck side mission to it's destination, it took lots of people, teamwork and vehicles. My favorite parts of this game. :D!!!! Arma 3 2021-02-14 19-37-39_2.mp4 Arma 3 2021-02-14 19-37-39_2.mp4
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