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  1. Okay thank you for the response and the consideration Ak!
  2. I have been considering being an admin on the Liberation server since I started playing regularly, everyday I procrastinate submitting an application after telling myself I will. But I feel most of the community players would want me to attempt as I am one of the most active players from 1pm-6am, so here it goes. I know exactly who is good doing what like for example CAS or driving tanks, but as I was ignored multiple times when I first started. I think to make it fair for every player who desires perms I would suggest we go off a google forum that they have to turn in with questions designed by the admins or by the community. I have an example here: https://forms.gle/1DmQ7vy8J7JqpL96A The staff and community is incredible, the amount of kindness and individuality is unique and remarkable in a liberation server. I was incredibly surprised of the lack of toxicity on the server, which made it really enjoyable to me. The Commanders are really great guys like for example Coffee is a really great guy and he tries his best, Roy resupplies base with logistics all the time and replaces vehicles that have been lost in combat. I can go on and on about how every member does his part in our community. I have experience with admiring on Arma for years. Having been moderator for ReallifeRPG server from 2013-2015 I dealt with 50 support cases a week only dealing between 2-3 perm bans a week as I preferred alternative solutions and communication. Being staff on that server was one of the best things to happen to me as I got to interact with the community more directly instead of just being a player. I own my own server and I know how to do commandline and mod manager for the server and restart it already if need be. As for the liberation server, this is the only server where I feel its relaxed and action at the same time. And one of the actual servers on Arma 3 where I felt like home playing the game and interacting with the community. I put in more than 15 hours a day on the server at the moment, I play Machine Gunner and CAS and also operate Tanks and Mortars so I literally do anything to support the team. I've done logistics for hours with Grizzly and Roy, and I've captured towns at 4am with only Seth and I. If you have any questions or doubts, get me in for a interview and I guarantee I am your guy.
  3. I figured I should make this so you can get to know me. My name is Dalton, IGN is Dalto and my steam is Nutkilla. I am 21 years old, I am from Indiana which others don't know its a state. I have been playing Arma since I was 12 years old with Arma 2 playing islandlife and RP servers. I played liberation then as well for a couple hundred hours but it never appealed to me as Arma 3 Liberation. Its more refined and less buggy, as I was playing around when it first came out. I love flying in Arma, Helicopters or CAS Jets. Not those big ass transport planes that take a year to get the control surfaces to go in the correct direction to land. when I have to ground pound, I play as infantry machine gunner providing support to my boys as they charge the enemy from the front. When I am not being a war hero, I help our guys in logistics rapidly spamming my enter key towards helicopters in hopes I dont blow our helicopters up with boxes. I worked as a helper for realifeRPG for 3 months until I was promoted to Moderator as I completed more than 50 support cases a week, I retired before they could award me admin. But I played on the server for 2 years until life told me to get a job, or maybe it was my dad. I dont remember. I also speak Spanish as my second language as my girlfriend is from Mexico, so she beats on me constantly for playing Arma.
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