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  1. Thanks. I have TS on my phone. will send you a msg in discord.
  2. Hello VS Staff, I’d like to apply for a Lib commander role position and also an admin position. You can learn about me personally in the introductions section in the forum. Trying to keep this short and on-point as much as possible. As for quals, I have previously served as VP of Operations for a 1,000 member virtual airline (www.deltava.org) running the day to day schedules, flight report reviews, and coordinating with the web site programmer, president, HR, and director of the flight academy. After about 5 years of doing this, I passed the torch to others. I currently serve occasionally part time in the flight academy. I’ve been a member of this VA since 2006 and still flight sim regularly with them for a change of pace from arma 3. From this experience and in my real life job managing 6 engineers , I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with people, patience, and continuing to learn people skills through the process. As far as time commitment, I won’t be on here every day for 4-6 hours. I’m usually on 3-5 days per week in the evenings on weekdays and with more time on when Friday evening-Sunday comes. This job thing can really be a drag sometimes. If the VS staff is looking for someone to be on 8 hrs per day 6 days per week, I’m not your person for the job. If you’re looking for someone to help out serving the community and making time to help, I feel I can contribute a great deal. I try to have a healthy work-family-play life balance and wouldn’t be applying if I couldn’t fit this into it. I won’t be on all the time but I’m here at VS to stay for the foreseeable future. As the VS server is the only place I play (even though I only have 1400 hours in this game), it’s the only place I plan to play too. As a patreon since January, I intend to continue on to support this great community. I believe I’ve been on VS servers for about 12 mos now. I’d have to go look to be sure. I have about 225 hrs on as drew [vs] and drew_blood [vs]. As a lib commander, I will have to delve into the role more and it’ll be a learning experience for me. As an admin, I recognize the relative freedom players on VS area afforded and would only step in when someone is ruining the experience for others or crossing some serious lines. Play your role, have fun, focus on the objectives. I&A and lib are both teamwork focused scenarios against AI. Simple guidelines in my opinion. I think on Lib server, the commanders could accommodate the input of others a bit more as opposed to taking more of a “boss” role. Give players an important role other than to be bossed around and they experience will be more enjoyable for everyone. I have discord on my phone so as long as my work isn’t requiring my immediate attention, I can make myself available if needed using my phone or a web site at my office. Anyway, I’m happy to give time to make the VS community better and would like this opportunity to show that even more than I already have in-game. Thanks for your consideration. Please message me if you have any questions. Andrew “drew_blood”
  3. There are often multiple drew’s on the VS servers. I am not “bonehurtingdrew”. I’m just drew. I have nicknames from over the years but it was much faster to write just drew in Kindergarten instead of andrew so I stuck with it. I’m originally from NJ, growing up about 20 mi from NYC, but moved to NC in 1999 to change companies. Anyway, outside of gaming, I’m a married (26 yrs) homeschooling dad of 4 with 2 in college (one about to become a pilot). I’ve been PC gaming since 1983 (flight simming online since 2005) and recently served as an Operations admin of a flight sim virtual airline with about 1000 members for the last 7 years. I got burned out and love a good milsim so Arma 3 has been a great change of pace. Brings me back to my elementary school days wearing camo with plastic guns running through the woods attacking my friends base. Having started with the original Wolfenstein 3d, I’ve never really stopped enjoyment of first person shooters in my pc gaming career. I have to say Team Fortress Classic was my first multiplayer experience in PC gaming (still play occasionally). What a funny and fun time those maps are! Eventually I moved into Battlefield 1942 and ended up on Arma 3 after my best friend was recommending it for about a year. For a career to fund my gaming, I work as a civil engineer in North Carolina designing water and sewer pipelines for a 100 year old consulting engineer firm. Mostly we do large diameter designs for capital improvement projects for municipal clients (like 10 miles of 36” water main size projects). I love what I do, love my family, and love the hobby of PC gaming. My two teens have moved from PS4 to PC so I’m trying to get them into Arma3 but its a been a chore. I also like spending time with family getting outdoors, just started N scale model railroading, and love photography (nature and of course any aircraft I see). A year ago I started running just to feel better. I’m doing about 2 miles, three times a week just to stay in better shape and have more energy. I ran only my second ever 5k race in March just to see if I could finish it. I’m usually not saying much in-game so you won’t often hear me. I’ll often play any role that’s needed when I first join. If the Atlis server is full or getting full, you’ll often find me over on Tanoa seeing how much damage I can do solo until someone else joins. You’d be surprised what one person can do in the AO with some patience and stealth. Anyway, happy to be a part of this community at the Volition Servers, the only multiplayer server I play on. I appreciate the great job the moderators do keeping things fun and squad focused. Pic of me at the 5k this past march.
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