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Staff Application Format

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The VS Staff is a group of active volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into bettering the VS Community.  We interpret rules and policies set forth by management along with ensuring all users are in compliance with the established framework.  The staff is based on #empathy; therefore, experience in the community is a must as having empathy means understanding what someone is going through.  A typical day consists of handling player reports, comp requests,  account support tickets, answering general questions, and playing the game!  If you are interested in joining us in bettering the community please fill out an application below.

What we are looking for:

18+ / There may be rare exceptions (ONLY MADE BY MANAGEMENT)
English Speaking
Excellent communication skills
3 months of activity in our community
Positive Attitude
Desire to Learn
Good community standing
Understand the rules & guidelines
No bans within 3 Months of applying
(Bonus) Previous staff experience

Put effort into your application! If you did it in 5 minutes you did not put effort in it, sell yourself!

Fields preceding with * are mandatory


* In-Game Name:

* Discord Username:


* Location (Only Time zone is Necessary):

* Steam64ID:


Please tell us about yourself:

Do you stream? If so please provide a link:

How long have you been a member of the community?

Which server are you most interested in and why?

Have you ever had any administrative action taken against you? If so what?

Have you ever been or are currently an Admin for another community? If so, which?

Why do you feel that you would make a great addition to the Moderator Team?

What skills do you possess that would benefit the Moderator Team?

Being an active member is a must, how much time can you dedicate to being active on our server?

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