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  1. Available Position(s) These are staff positions available outside of our staff ranking system. If you are brought on you will have to meet with one or more of our Game Masters to be chosen as staff for that server or platform. Project Specialist I&A Specialist RHS I&A Specialists Liberation Specialist Modded Minecraft Specialist Team Fortress 2 Specialist
  2. The VS Staff is a group of active volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into bettering the VS Community. We interpret rules and policies set forth by management along with ensuring all users are in compliance with the established framework. The staff is based on #empathy; therefore, experience in the community is a must as having empathy means understanding what someone is going through. A typical day consists of handling player reports, comp requests, account support tickets, answering general questions, and playing the game! If you are interested in joining us in bettering the community please fill out an application below. What we are looking for: 18+ / There may be rare exceptions (ONLY MADE BY MANAGEMENT) English Speaking Excellent communication skills 3 months of activity in our community Positive Attitude Desire to Learn Good community standing Understand the rules & guidelines No bans within 3 Months of applying (Bonus) Previous staff experience Put effort into your application! If you did it in 5 minutes you did not put effort in it, sell yourself! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In-Game Name: Discord ID (ex. Username #1234): First Name: Age: Location/Time zone (Only Country is Necessary): Steam64ID: Occupation: Please tell us about yourself: Do you stream? If so please provide a link: How long have you been a member of the community? Which server are you most interested in and why? Have you ever had any administrative action taken against you? If so what? Have you ever been or are currently an Admin for another community? If so, which? Why do you feel that you would make a great addition to the Moderator Team? What skills do you possess that would benefit the Moderator Team? Being an active member is a must, how much time can you dedicate to being active on our server?
  3. Trainee - Moderator - You don't know free hard work yet but, you will. We cautiously welcome these fantastic people into a service we know is not appreciated but, must be filled. You have to start somewhere. These folks are the runt of the litter, the lowest rung on the pole, the last step on the staircase, and the bottom of the barrel and yet their passion for this little corner of the world burns bright. We expect great things from these members and intend to help guide them with enthusiasm and experience in the best way we know-how. Although rough around the edges these lovely people can still be molded. With a lot on their plate and plenty to learn there is no doubt, they have what it takes if they chose to pursue this goal. We hope to see you soon Good Luck! Qualifications - This is the minimum standard by which members must adhere to be considered for this position. 18+ / There may be rare exceptions (ONLY MADE BY MANAGEMENT) English Speaking Excellent communication skills 3 months of activity in our community Positive Attitude Desire to Learn Good community standing Understand the rules & guidelines No bans within 3 Months of applying (Bonus) Previous staff experience Application Review Process Upon posted application by standard application will be hidden from all non-staff positions. The application will then proceed in three phases. Phase 1: Application Review - The application will remain in review until all "active" members of staff have voted; +1, -1, or Null. At which point the majority rules. Phase 2: Applicant Interview - The applicants who've succeeded in the majority rule will be contacted and have a Time/Date scheduled for their interview. All staff members are encouraged to attend the interview if available. The interview will consist of a series of questions written or randomly asked by any staff participating in the interview in any order. upon interview conclusion, the applicant will be asked to leave at which time a formal discussion will happen to debate the details of the interview and application. At this point depending upon how many spots are available the Administrator(s) and Senior Administrator(s) will vote majority on who will be joining the trainee team "This should not exceed 1 Week". Phase 3: Following the Administrators decision the elected members will be invited to a platform channel in which they will be instructed on the further procedure and information pertaining to their new duties. They will then be given all permissions necessary to perform their new functions. Let's Get Down to Business - As a Trainee - Moderator you are considered probationary. This implies that you may not become permanent staff. We remind you that this is not a competition against your peers and will receive no merit for that kind of attitude. We expect you to follow all instructions as given by your provisional team and want to aid you through this process as much as possible. You have quite a bit to learn so please pay attention and be positive and you'll do great. You may know something but, not everything - In a staff position you are expected to be able to use your own judgment. This is not a skill we can teach you. It is a skill that must be learned. This will take time. Don't rush yourself and don't assume facts that aren't there. This period should be a time to improve and enhance your people skills from a different perspective. We have to assume you've never been staff before because all communities are different in nature. Ask Questions - There are no stupid questions. You are encouraged to ask any and all questions. We can't assume to know what you know and you shouldn't assume to know what we know. Your peers may have a perspective that you didn't think to ask. Your training period is designed to prepare you for a permanent staff role however, that does not guarantee you'll be exposed to every scenario or situation. In this event ask your questions and learn as much as you can. Trainee - Moderator Details & Info How long is probation? Probation standard time is set at "1 Month." This period may be extended up to "3 Months" Max. Your graduation to a permanent member of staff is dependent upon your ability to pass a formal review at your supervisor's discretion NO EARLIER than "1 Month" into your trainee period. This review will be held and constructed by our Administrator(s) and Senior Administrator(s) This process will consist of a majority vote rule. How and What can I moderate? You have all the abilities as a moderator in a supervisory capacity. A member of your peers may contest your decisions with the Administrators at which time can be overruled by a single or all if unable to show valid cause. ATTENTION - By applying to be a moderator in training you are not guaranteed a spot on the server you wish to apply for. In the event you are not offered a specialist position within a month of probation you may be removed from the staff.
  4. VS Invade & Annex Dev Server (Temp Server) Connection Info: IP: Port: 2502
  5. Hello @Invade & Annex Players, You may have heard about some of the changes coming to Volition Servers. We are happy to announce these changes will be coming sooner rather than later. We are transitioning our machines operating system to Linux. This should add some extra stability across our servers and help improve your experience. Unfortunately this is going to come at the cost of Uptime. Our Primary Invade & Annex servers will be down for a period of time during this transition. We would like to thank all our members for the support and help getting us to where we are and look forward to providing you great service now and in the future to come. The following sections of this post should help alleviate some questions you all may have. ==============Q&A================ When will the server be down? ```This transition will be happening tonight at around 7:00-10:00PM CST that is 6/21/2020 at 7:00-10:00PM CST``` Why is it happening tonight? ```We are doing this transition tonight in hopes that our player base will be more depleted due to the Fathers Day Holiday``` How long will the main servers be down? ```We aim to have at least the Invade & Annex Altis Server back online within a 3 Hour window. Ideally this transition will be relatively smooth; however, we are taking into account unforeseen issues.``` How will I be affected? ```Our players will really only be affected by downtime. When the server comes back online you will be able to continue to play as you have in the past unhindered.``` Will the servers rank or IP/Port be changing? ```At this time neither the IP, Port, or Rank should be affected by this transition``` Will I be informed on the progress of the transition? ```Yes, We don't intend to include everyone on the minute to minute but you will be informed on the scope of the progress such as: When the transition is completed, when the server is back online, and if there are any delays/issues we run into.``` What should I expect from this transition? ```Don't expect a world of difference directly in server related performance; after all this is Arma 3 but, you should see better performance in the regard of our other servers being hosted on the same machine in the past affecting performance on our Invade & Annex servers and vice versa``` Will I still be able to play Volition Servers Invade & Annex? ```Glad you asked. Yes, you will be able to play Invade & Annex on a temporary second Altis Server that has been brought online for our players during this transition.``` Is there anything I can do in the meantime? ```Not really, We just ask that you are patient and understanding of the situation and we will try and get everything back to normal as soon as possible. You may play on the temp server and have fun.``` ==============Footnote================ Now that you have been briefed on the changes hopefully that cleared some questions up. The temporary Volition Servers Invade & Annex Server connection info will be provided following this post. Again we would sincerely like to Thank You all for your support and help. Gaming has been a passion of everyone on the VS Staff for a long time and it's humbling to see how far we've come.
  6. This post will have a final revision in the future.
  7. Graphix705/11/2020 Becoming whitelisted for Volition Servers is an easy process that only requires your generous contribution and a moment of your time. It is very appreciated of any players to even consider supporting Volition Servers. In advance, thank you for inquiring to become a patron! Step 1: Donations are facilitated through our website at https://volitionservers.com/ . To get started, you will need to register on our website. If you’re concerned about creating yet another password for this, just know that you can sign in using your Steam and/or Discord account as well! Once you are registered on the forums, you should be able to access all necessary areas to proceed. Step 2: Now that you’re registered, you can visit the Store at the top of the window as shown below: In the store, you can select the category and the subscriber tier that you’re interested in. When browsing the different subscriber tiers, information regarding the benefits of each tier is visible below. PLEASE NOTE: We only provide whitelist for subscribers of at least $10 or more. Step 3: Proceed to fill out your preferred payment method, and submit when you are ready. Note: if you do not have a paypal account, you can contribute with a credit or debit card directly through Stripe. Step 4: Now that you have monetarily supported Volition Servers, Graphix or another member of VS Staff will manually whitelist you. Please be aware that, the process requires a server restart and we appreciate your patience as we fulfill your whitelist status. Feel free to contact VS Staff regarding your contribution to ensure an expedient whitelisting. AND YOU’RE DONE! Please be aware that your contribution is not simply dollars in the pockets of the VS Staff. We have big plans for Volition Servers and your generosity is making them possible! We’ve come so far already, but we’re all excited to see how much further we can go; how much wider we can expand. Thank you so much for supporting Volition Servers: Where the server is dedicated TO YOU!
  8. @Pock3t.com @Valtrind @Monty @AppData I would like to provide more accurate information regarding how to get whitelisted. We are still keeping the Patreon page up; however, we are no longer promoting that donation method. Instead we have implemented a system here on the forums in order to receive payments securely through STRIPE or PayPal. https://volitionservers.com/store/
  9. @Guest24601 We acknowledge your concern regarding the monetization of the Volition Serves I&A; however, the information you have is inaccurate. The mission currently running on our I&A servers are not developed by us. The mission does have permission to be monetized. Here is the link if you would to confirm. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212240-apex-framework/
  10. Glad to have ya! Thanks for sharing
  11. You're welcome. Lots of stuff left to do.
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