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I am fellow Digital

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I am the Digital. I've been lurking around volition servers making voice channels awkward and random people laugh for "Way to much time" as graphix may put it if he was feeling a little less creative that day. I've been permanently banned twice and temp banned a multitude of times because venom is such a great friend to me! Either way, I usually spend my time in my lair called "AFK Channel" until I feel I can sufficiently annoy someone in the ts or play games with them and annoy them while doing so. With all that being said, enjoy your travels fellow human. I will be here while you traverse the ether. Good by fellow Volitioneer... I just made that up... Ya like?

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On 9/8/2018 at 6:16 PM, Graphix7 said:

Volitioneer... I like it.  


I like that too.

If you're on the admin team, if you're a donator, or a hard-core Volition enthusiast, you're a Volitioneer.

Create a leet club under the umbrella of Volition Servers, where members will be part of the a new Volitioneer "Milsim" Arma 3 group and the name definitely should be the Volitioneer's. Create Arma 3 clan where we can attach it to admins, donators, and hard-core public Volitioneer Enthusiasts can join the group and participate in 'Milsim' operations hosted by other groups around the game.

Later this year, when Volition Servers is able to host and become a legit dedicated server provider, those new friendly 'Milsim' groups might have a change of heart in terms of adopting a new server provider and  jump into this arena down the road and we'd all be singing hallelujah and be merry as ever.

In the mean-time, for marketing purposes;

Get a small squad of 11 and go do some 'Milsim' operations with other groups on Saturday's, or when an opportunity arises. One pilot, 10 soldiers (2 squads of 5 [TL, AR, AT, Marks, MED/GREN]). Get ourselves known with other 'Milsim' group at the administration level, so when the time comes you start hosting servers they will know by then who YOU [Graphix7] and Volition Servers are.

My two cents.

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