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  1. If you pick up a Hunter with the Huron, the rope may break if travel speed exceeds 150km/h. Weird shit.
  2. I don't think the script for heavy lifting of tanks work in the I&A scenario? I could be wrong. If they can, then I don't see why the Taru can't lift a heavy tank when it spawns. Would be nice to see a tank airlifted into the AO while it is further away from mainbase, like in Sofia.
  3. Only if you want it to be. But, forums requires content. You posted this content. Contents posted on forums usually is always meme material. Congrats, your post is now a meme.
  4. Hey ya'll! Trying to sound American. How did I do? I'm from Canada, eh! I've been playing Arma III, off and on, over the years, and played Arma II for many years prior to the launch of the next installment. A couple months ago I decided to hop back on Arma III to fly some helicopters. I played on some servers for a bit, and found Volition Servers to have the best game-play "experience" for heli-pilots, and casual shooter. The community is NOT toxic, admins are the friendliest bunch, and the casual atmosphere brings life into the game on this specific server. The way you play in this server actually matters, and the helicopter pilots actually have a meaningful role! This meant a lot to me as a gaming enthusiast and a Arma III helicopter pilot, so I've stuck around since I found this server and been playing here ever since. So you can catch me flying the troop transport helicopter's [specifically the Huron] or being the lone-ranger medic on Volition Servers. I do a great job at both roles. I have also donated to Volition Servers, and it's worth every penny! In the real world, I'm a construction worker. I imagine myself doing other things, like going to join the Army, here in Canada, but my hearing impairment restricts my ability to be able to do that, or do other cool careers. I also imagine myself not being a construction worker for the rest of my life, so I'm open to hop to another career, just I don't know what I would want to do and I rather it be on a college bound path that leads me to a good paying job in a demanding field, but the markets are so over-saturated in many area's that going to school for an in demand field certainly isn't doable in my area at the moment. I'd have to travel and stay in a different city, but the economy isn't allowing me to be able to do that at the current moment! Yes, Canada has problems of its own right now, and our lovely media surely does not mention such things. Graphix7 and I had a conversation one time on TS, he said I would fit in around here. Once you get to know me, politically, you may ask me "why does a Canadian knows so much about American politics, when you aren't even American?" America has a lot of influence in Canada, our media never shuts up about you. And ever since discovering many, many years ago that Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary was just starting out as Secretary of State, I just had started paying attention to American politics. I am ill-advised on Canadians politics more than I am on American. You guys and girls are just two entertaining... (2 scoops, 2 genders, 2 terms) Colour me shocked. I don't know what I want to do yet, career wise. So I retort to working with my hands, I get paid real good money, but the hours suck. In mean time before I get a "real" steady 8am - 5pm job that requires me to use my brain, you'll find me playing games some day's on Arma III, CS:GO, Rocket League, or occasionally SC2 or FIFA 18. I am also a musician and participated in DCI in America (Drum and Bugle Corps). I was part of a group called Pioneer and Empires Statesmen from the US. I played the Baritone horn in both those groups. I am however a snare drummer, but I learned to play the horn as it would allow me to march in a group if I don't make the snare-line. My snare drumming skills were not quite up to par with those in the groups I was a member of. I got to travel and see a lot of America when we toured and competed in World Class competitions hosted by DCI/DCA. I also went to school in America, in Washington D.C. . I was to major in both (To be announced in sophomore year) Political Science and Philosophy. A Canadian learning American Politics and taking philosophy? I was also a starter for my university team and got to participate in NCAA DIV III Soccer. I was also part of an indoor drum-line in Baltimore, first as a snare drummer, then I got cut and placed in the cymbal line (Not enough tenor drummers; 8 snares and 2 tenors doesn't work). Colour me shocked. I couldn't go back, because it was to damn expensive and my own provincial government didn't quite get all of it's cards in place for me prior to the start of the school year so my finances were fucked up by the end of the school year. I couldn't go back my second year. (damn it). So my life got screwed up for a while because of that. Great. So I went on and joined the construction industry, eh. Doing it 'bout 4 years now. (I know I already said this). I listen to country now. I started listening since last year. I fucking hated it it. I like it now, and it's usually the only thing I listen to for some fucking odd reason. You'll find me on the Team Speak 3 channel some days and nights now, and I hope to become a Server Admin for Volition Servers in the near future. I'm always willing to chat! "A brighter future only starts with one step forward." I'm not sorry if you were wheelchair bound and took offense of that quote. NIGHT FOX
  5. Should have bought him a video game to keep his mouth shut, so you can get it on with his mom. LOL.
  6. I like that too. If you're on the admin team, if you're a donator, or a hard-core Volition enthusiast, you're a Volitioneer. Create a leet club under the umbrella of Volition Servers, where members will be part of the a new Volitioneer "Milsim" Arma 3 group and the name definitely should be the Volitioneer's. Create Arma 3 clan where we can attach it to admins, donators, and hard-core public Volitioneer Enthusiasts can join the group and participate in 'Milsim' operations hosted by other groups around the game. Later this year, when Volition Servers is able to host and become a legit dedicated server provider, those new friendly 'Milsim' groups might have a change of heart in terms of adopting a new server provider and jump into this arena down the road and we'd all be singing hallelujah and be merry as ever. In the mean-time, for marketing purposes; Get a small squad of 11 and go do some 'Milsim' operations with other groups on Saturday's, or when an opportunity arises. One pilot, 10 soldiers (2 squads of 5 [TL, AR, AT, Marks, MED/GREN]). Get ourselves known with other 'Milsim' group at the administration level, so when the time comes you start hosting servers they will know by then who YOU [Graphix7] and Volition Servers are. My two cents.
  7. Name: Gaelen Swartz Arma Name: Night Fox Age: 28 Location / Time Zone: Canada / -5 EST Time Available?: Anytime I make it onto Arma 3. Activity: I come to Arma 3 when I want to fly a helo, and Volition Severs recently has shown that they provide the best experience for people who want to fly casually and their role has a point to achieving the objectives of the game. More: Apart from the other "active" servers, I ended up being driven towards staying here. I have lots of spare time, and I want to make use of it so I figured after my pleasant experience on the server thus far, and being a "casual" gamer, I thought I might start being more actively involved in the gaming community and decided I want to contribute some of my time to Volition Servers. Gamers want to have a fun, casual time where people come to role play and shoot at insurgents. And sometimes, a bad apple or two will pop up into the servers and in my experience, an admin can be rarely on and the powers they have to stop the worm from exploiting the fun. When admin IS ON, they should only used authoritative powers to keep the server running smoothly, orderly, and eliminating the bad apples when time calls for it. Admin powers are to be used in a respectable manner and follow server rules guidelines and enforce them when they are either being bent or broken. A good server has good admins. If gamers are coming back to the server on a daily basis, it's because of the enjoyable multiplayer experience and the admins help and work hard to keep that experience stabilized and maintained. I am "new" to the server admin universe, so it will be a big step for me into learning new things about being an admin in the Arma 3 game. I am quite capable of learning and retaining new subjects, I hope this won't deter my ability to become an admin, I hope to HEAR from you guys soon!
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