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Empathy for the Tragedy of 9/11


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Today is a dark day in American history. On this day in 2001 around 3,000 people died during a terrorist attack against the people of the United States of America.

Volition Servers would like to ask for a moment of consideration for the victims and first responders. In our everyday exchanges we will make jokes and references to the darkest times of human history. Humor and tragedy are very unlikely friends, but friends non-the-less. Therefore, if there is ever a time to show some humbling respect, today would be the day.

Jokes and comedy are how we cope with the terrifying evil in our world. The suffering and the tragedies as well. People have served their country so that their families back home can laugh and love in spite of the horrors of the world. 

Today is not a day to feel guilty for making light of a dark day, but an opportunity to consider those that weren't given the chance to laugh with you. Not a moment of silence, but a moment of consideration.

Think deeply of what it must have been like to be there, and acknowledge the horror before you continue the day. We have empathy for those that suffered and nobody should forget that.

On September 11th, 2001 4 passenger planes were hijacked by 19 terrorists that proceeded to fly those planes into premeditated high-profile locations. 2 planes struck the World Trade center towers in New York City, 1 plane crashed into the Pentagon and 1 plane was brought down in a field in Pennsylvania when the passengers on board bravely fought to take back the cockpit from the terrorists. During the events, roughly 3,000 people lost their lives. 

A phone call with one of the passengers on board Flight 93 was recorded before committing there plans to retaliate against the hijackers. After Todd Beamer, 32 years old, finished speaking to his pregnant wife, he can be heard speaking to his fellow Americans, "Are you guys ready? let's roll."

The words Let's Roll are now a part of US culture and the actions of the passengers on board Flight 93 were incredibly brave and truly inspiring.

Finally, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge that the suffering and horrors of the world are not limited to only the great tragedies of human history. Sometimes it happens in our own homes. Volition Servers would like to remind you that you're not alone, we are comrades both on and off the battlefield. We're all in this together, as brothers and sisters.


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