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Bear i play arma 3 with this server ,been in it atleast 1 week total by now .got introduced to it by jbednar like 2 weeks ago and really enjoying it 

U bear U in u

why am i making this, most people know who bear is  and that i am also squishy 

i like to play music in direct chat + i do requests and try to make people have a great time ,as a medic ill prolly run 1 k if you ask me to ,and ill sprint under fire of a fresh AO too, all fun and fun.

if you ask me to record something or take a screenshot for you ,i enjoy doing that and do it often .im never busy so call me over to a certain objective or just random part of the map to hang out and ill prolly be there with haste.

i play other games too so if you think you wanna hang out with me more for some strange reason  feel free to ask.

im in highschool in texas so im usually afk like 4-1600 on weekdays .got no life otherwise tho so ill prolly be asleep, watching stuff or playing games.

if you see me ingame say hi ,ill attach to you for like 10 minutes 



{dont tell anyone but i probably have more memes than you do ,and ill share them with you if your replys arent drys}


i know noone asked but my dogs and cat are attached 





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