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hi im coffee

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hey all, figured id throw this together since i think we make such a great lil community, we should be more than just game-mates. my name is max, (maxwell house coffee©️) im 32  and live in upstate new york. as many of our liberation regulars know, i run a beef farm that takes up most of my time. before this, i worked in manhattan building high detail architectural scale models running laser cutters, 3d printers, 5 axis cnc's and a full woodshop. i love working with my hands as well as with cad software and 3d modelling but it got to a point where i was basically stuck at a desk all day which sucks regardless of the work or money...also, manhattan is a beautiful city like no other but holy shit is it a miserable place to commute to and work in.... so i ditched that rude smelly bullshit and moved upstate to run my wife's family farm (different kind of smelly). best thing i ever did. work outdoors, work with animals and big heavy machinery, no boss, no timecard, just work hard and relax harder!  as my fellow lib admins can probably attest; i dont do things halfway, i dont limit myself, if i see something can be improved, for fucks sake i will try my best to improve it. i'm not stubborn like my father...but he'll probably tell you that he's not stubborn like me.

i first came to arma 3 last winter in my downtime when my wife and i bought our first house (with cable internet not satellite garbage like the farm) and actually stopped playing soon after because none of my friends are big gamers and it was just too hard (i sucked). i wanted so badly to be good enough to enjoy it that i starting building my own missions in editor (feeding my desire to design and create) and decided from there to explore the public servers. milsim was what i thought i wanted but soon realized it was too much for an amateur (with a shitty computer). i eventually found Volition Servers I&A and pretty much have been here ever since. after i got better with the game, mostly thanks to the awesome staff and regulars, i explored many other servers to see where the game would take me, often successfully but more often without satisfaction. Volition has established such a great reputation for openness and encouraging a play-as-you-like environment that i honestly dont care to look any further.

i played some-what in the background for a couple months, recognizable to a few of the admins and regulars, but when i heard that AK was starting a liberation server, i was sold. I love i&a but i also enjoy milsim aspects that require a chain of command, a sense of direction and role-responsibility that is too often minimized or ignored by the run and gun of other games/game-modes (fuck cod honestly...its fun for like 5 minutes until you realize its been an hour that you'll never get back).  i joined the liberation server  the first day and quickly became the guy people relied on for mission planning and direction. like i said before, if im gonna do something, im gonna fuckin do it!! haha so yeah anyway now im one of the commander admins on the lib server and im looking forward to helping it become Volition's next success story ...much like i believe I&A is today. i just wish i had time to try squad 😕 

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