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Hello all!

PenguinFlapjack here, been playing on the I&A servers for a quite a while now. You may recognise me as the medic that typically runs around with minimal body armour (flak vest at most) and no helmet. Stay light, move fast, harder to hit! Seems to be working so far.

When I don't run medic, I'll either be honing my skills as a chopper pilot, dressed in UK baseball cap and aviators, or going full armoured-up engineer, as IMO it's an underplayed role. Getting pretty good at pilot, but the Blackfish is a beast I am yet to tame.

Also part of the 103rd Cactus Squad during some ops with HONHONBAGUETTE and Capt. Daz.

Definitely a semi-casual player in terms of attitude, not into full milsim. I find a little well balanced jokery can often help during an Op. That being said, it proper winds me up when I see people not playing their role, the biggest offender being 'sniper medics' in my eyes. If I see you camping way at the back in a ghillie when you should be up front healing/reviving people, I will might butterfingers a frag grenade near you. Sorrynotsorry.


A little about me:

British, 27, currently stationed in Germany. Currently serving in the ChAir Force. Massive frickin nerd, been collecting 40K for over ten years now. I own a classic Mini Cooper. Also a consolefag, Xbox Live tag is again PenguinFlapjack. If I'm not on Arma or RDR2 you'll find me on Holdfast.

Yes, I voted for Brexit. Fight me.


Preferred ArmA equipment:

Weapon: M14 / MXC6.5

Vehicle: Unarmed Hunter / Offroad

Heli: Taru / Hummingbird


See you on the servers!

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