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1st Anniversary of the Volition Servers I&A Servers Raffle Results!


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Congratulations to our prize winners of the raffle drawings to celebrate the anniversary of our Invade & Annex servers!

1st Raffle Drawing:

$45 - First Prize: TSW555
$30 - Second Prize: Cowboy King
$15 - Third Prize: AboveTheSky

2nd Raffle Drawing:

$45 - First Prize: Night Fox
$30 - Second Prize: Chase
$15 - Third Prize: Kiwi

3rd Raffle Drawing:

$45 - First Prize: Tiger
$30 - Second Prize: Rapponotti
$15 - Third Prize: Thomas

Thank you to everyone that participated and thank you to everyone for being a part of Volition Servers!

Where the server is dedicated to YOU!

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