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TF2 VIP Information


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VIP Commands
!ragdoll (Opens a menu, allowing you to choose what neat effects apply to people you kill, as well as yourself on suicide)

!noisemaker (Opens a menu, allowing you to play any currently existing noisemaker sound)
For a key bind, use this in console
bind 'key here' "sm_noisemaker 'a number 1-16 here'"

Immunity to !votesmite

Access to any VIP/Donor exclusive weapons

If you want a custom join sound and message, open a ticket on our discord and provide your desired message and sound. Sounds or messages that are too vulgar, long, or loud will be denied

Other VIP/Donor benefits are automatic, or discussed with Admins on VTF's Discord.

This page will be updated as new VIP/Donor benefits are added


-In the event an exploit or considerable bug is found, any given benefit may be removed or disabled. This is unlikely, but the possibility must be considered

-TF2 updates (as rare as they are) often break things. Some benefits may cease to function temporarily after updates. Keep that in mind

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