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Big Dick Bryan

Application for Admin my Big Dick Bryan

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Discord: The Nut#4424 & In game: Big Dick Bryan

Intro: I have been playing arma 2 and 3 for a long time. Ran into this gem of a server not long ago only about a week ago now. Now I am spoiled with it from the planning to the staff intervention this server is by far the best liberation server I have ever played on. I really enjoy the people that play on the server and the fun interactions we have. I have always loved Military shooters since I was young. 

My game history varies largely but in military shooters I have a large amounts of hours in Arma 2 and 3. I play Squad, Postscriptum, hell let loose, war thunder, insurgency, insurgency sandstorm, men of war Assault squad 2, Heros and generals, hearts of iron 4, pavlov, wargame red dragon, and Foxhole. 

I have been an admin back when I used to play arma 2 on unsung servers. I was an admin on an Exile server for arma 3 a while back.

I work nights and I am on the server when the only other admin that is on close to when I am is coffee. I believe I would be a great addition since I am on the server when most others are not. I absolutely love their server and feel that I would be a great admin to the team. 


My favorite Starburst color is Orange

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Thanks for the application, Bryan!
We're always glad to hear about how much newcomers enjoy our server and the community that supports it!

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