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Lukas Dargis

Liberation Admin

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My discord is MulletBoy#0069 and my in game name is MulletBoyLuke

Ive been on lib for awhile and volition servers in general, first I&A then i found out about lib so ive been on VS servers as long as i played arma, really enjoy lib and its entirety.

Mostly played flight sims and military style games the whole time ive been gaming. Never really played too many games besides those, other games ive played are more like watchdogs and far cry, not too big of a gamer but i do enjoy it.

Sadly no admin experience but im willing to learn zeus and all the other things that go into it.

My reason of interest is that i love lib and since arma is like the only game i play i spend all of my time on lib, i basically play on no other servers except I&A once in a blue moon, i would like to help test out mods and see what can be useful and what wont, and im wiling to learn how to setup side ops and how to properly use zeus and its properties.

Favorite starbursts has to be orange 

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Hey Lukas, thanks for the application!

I, too, had no admin experience before joining the Volition team. We all gotta start somewhere! If you're curious about zeus, the best way to learn is in eden editor...start a blank mission and just go from there. There's also a ton of content on youtube to help with more intricate stuff!

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