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Will Alaska's Admin Application

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     Hello and Happy Thanksgiving,
I'm interested in applying to be an admin for Invade & Annex. I have played for several months and enjoy playing I&A with the current and former staff, new players and regulars alike. I have eight years of experience as a server and forum admin with my clan and have been a part of that community for about ten years. I would like to bring the skill, experience and knowledge that I have given that community and bring it here to also benefit this community I have grown to enjoy as well. I have served as a "Server Officer" (Admin) that enforces server rules on our Jailbreak and Trouble in Terrorist Town servers. I have also served as an "Advisor" (Staff) for our Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) server that included recruitment efforts, server and forum moderation, supervising and training TTT Server Officers, writing and editing TTT server rules and monitoring and performing remote access functions on our servers as needed. I appreciate your time and consideration of my application.


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