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Mike Newell

Dangermay's Admin Application

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Personal Information

Name: Dangermay
Age: 25

Server Information

- Have you managed a Squad server in the past?

Not a Squad server but I have managed numerous Arma 2 & 3 servers aswell as CSGO, CSS, GMOD, GTAVRP, and World of Warcraft private servers

- Are you familiar with Squad playstyles, rules, and commands?

Yes I am.

Application Questions

- Why do you want to become an admin?

To help this community grow and keep the chaos to a minimum

- What is your availability?

Just about everynight after 7pm EST

- How would you handle situations like cheaters, lag issues, and restart requests?

I would verify the issue that is reported, if it is found that there is a cheater, they would be permabanned, for a lag issue I would verify if it is just the one person lagging or the server itself then perform a restart after a 5 min warning(same for a restart request depending on the issue)

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