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Costly - I&A Admin Application

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My name is Costly

I play on the server like 5 days a week as a Medic, Pilot, Sometimes UAV Operator

I enjoy playing on the server and I look forward to playing on it for Months to come.

I'm applying to be admin of the Invade and annex server because I feel that i can help make peoples days a little better without them having to worry about that one dude who is ramming their helicopter at spawn or blowing up their UAVs, rotor-tapping them and to stop anyone from bullying one another. But most important help insure safe non-toxic environment for anyone who joins

-Little Info About Me-

Name is Marcus and I'm Canadian and currently in processing for the Armed Forces

I love Arma, ARK, basically anything with aircrafts, guns or base building

I have 2 years experience running and moderating ARK servers back during 2017-2019. Back then i used to help prevent griefers, cheaters and most importantly I tried my best to make peoples days enjoyable by hosting mini events every day or so to freshing things up.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my application.

            -Love from Canada, Costly


-Info for Admins-

In-Game Name: Costly

First Name: Marcus

Age: 20

Hours Spent on ARMA 3 / in total: 2000+hrs across two accounts

How long have you been playing on the server: First joined Sept 20th of last years but didn't start playing alot and enjoying meeting everyone until 3 months ago.

Reason for wanting to be admin: I enjoy being there to help others enjoy themselves and making the server a place to hang out without being judged or bullied by others.

Availability: 4-5 days a week for like 6-8 hours

Have you ever held an Admin/Moderator role before?: Yes on ARK Survival Evolved, I admined and Co-owned many servers. Stopped playing due to change in scenery.

Steam Profile Link: 

Arma 3 2020-07-21 9_26_19 PM.png

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Hey Costly,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an I&A admin.
Right now we are not looking to add another admin to the team, when the time comes if you are still interested I can contact you and arrange an interview.


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