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Sky's Admin Aplication

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Its sky, firstly thank you for actually taking the time to read my application, and sorry if its horrid, the last time i did something like this i was applying to a pub to wash dishes.

I've been with the Volition community for about a year, since early march last year i believe, correct me if i'm wrong. I've been thinking of applying for quite a while now but have never had the courage to do so or the time to type this up. the reason why i'd think i'd be good as an admin is because i'm on most times, although i'm limited to a week each time and soon school days, i'm usually extremely active anyway and the fact I'm on when most usual admins are not due to time zones. I'm good at communication and I know a thing or two about management after my own mother bullying me into a drill. I do take screenshots, which could open doors to volition media and propaganda.

I know this was short but thank you for spending your time reading my application!



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Hey Sky,

Thank you for applying.
When Friday would you be free for an interview? Were probably going to have them throughout Friday depending on when people are available.

Cheers mate


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