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Coffee's Liberation Commander Application

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Dear sir/madam...no sorry that's too formal.

Hey server gods. People call me coffee because my first name is Maxwell. I started playing Arma within the last year, have only about 600 hours logged and I can guarantee about 90% of that time has been spent in your I&A server. The other 10% spent in other servers was not enjoyable because they lacked the kind of community I got here. You guys have a great staff that is both helpful and approachable.

I&A is a great game mode and it is very welcoming to new players while also fair and efficient. Although I enjoyed gaining experience in that server, I'm very excited by the potential I see in the new Liberation server. I've been part of the new server since day one and and am having a great time learning the new mechanics and helping new players enjoy it to it's fullest potential. Liberation does the one thing that I&A doesn't (and doesn't need to); require teamwork, communication, chain of command, and assorted objective types. This is what's so appealing to me and I'd like to submit my application to be a part of the Commander force to help make these aspects of the game as great as I would want them to be if I were just an ordinary long range sniper as usual.


I run a beef farm full time so my availability is very flexible and im always reachable via discord (phone) and am at the computer, usually playing arma, at least twice a day at varying times so my presence on the server would be almost daily. I have great repor with AK and many of the server regulars as well as some of the I%A staff. I'm excited to share some great ideas I have for the future of Liberation and look forward to getting this server running at the same level of efficiency and respect as I&A. Thanks!

I was gonna start with "ill keep this short" like ak's app but I knew it would've been a lie.

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