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Liberation Admin Application

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I would be interested in becoming an admin for the Liberation server. I've been on I&A for a couple of months now and got to know most of the admins, but also the regulars and would consider myself one as well. I have a pretty good idea of who I could assign certain permission to without needing to worry. I&A has been a blast (first server I joined after I bought Arma), but once I found liberation I was pretty much sold. I still jump in I&A sometimes though. I do like teaching people things as well. I usually answer questions in game when I can. I even taught someone how to play mortars in I&A then kept marking him fire missions and he went on to dominate the scoreboard for the next 5 AOs until reset.

I like the UAV / Intelligence role on liberation and would like to see that get built up. We did get one Sentinel, but we "lost" it. If you happen to see it contact beast or Coffee :p. That is probably something I would put some resources into. Might even be able to help using UAVs to locate enemies when people activate too many sectors. I try to call that out to people when there's a decent amount on and they're all split up and things glitch. I usually HALO in and try to clear activated grids on foot, but a drone would be super helpful for that. Nothing too crazy, but depending on demand and resources maybe one of each drone. Plus it's always nice to know exactly what you're walking into.

As far as availability goes, I am in Eastern time (UTC-5) and am mostly online mid to late afternoon to well into the early morning. 5pm-2am, maybe later and every day. Let's just say I have a lot more free time on my hands right now due to Covid. Whenever things get back to normal, probably the same general time frame, just not as late. I usually play at least a couple of hours every day and really enjoy it. I also want to say that since Volition was the first server I joined after buying the game, I have no experience at being an admin or mod in this game. I don't know any of the commands, etc and would need to learn that if selected. If not, no worries.. I will still see you all out there. Thanks for the consideration.


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Our stories are similar, I too found I&A off the hop when I picked up Arma.  
The community hooked me and spoiled any other servers I joined.  
I am glad you enjoy the diversity!
I&A and Liberation admins would have a completely separate admin orientation so to say. Very different from one another. 
Like I said, no stress about small things like that it's training over time while we're on the server.

Good luck, we will talk further on Friday if possible!


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