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USMC Cpt.Barry speaks with WardSec Cmd.Graphix after Operation Dawn

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Cmd.Graphix enters a command office rigged to a powerful Radio Communications tower outside.  The office is a metal shipping container with AC struggling to keep the Middle Eastern heat out of the office.  Next to several filing cabinets are office desks with a desk jocket at each computer.  At first glance it looks like a logistical operationl.  Graphix can see lots of spread sheets and satellite images of the area.  At the end of the metal office space, farthest from the entrance is Cpt.Berry and one other white collar Marine.

"Cpt.Berry, the objective is complete, WardSec will get off your base as soon as we can collect payment." Graphix said while observing the captain's compatriot with one hell of a stare.
"Aww shucks, you don't want to stay the night, we gave you the master suites." Berry said with a smirk.
"You'd be surprised to learn I'd rather sleep on a plane to Malden than get tetanus in one of your highly esteemed barracks." Graphix responded.
"From the your after action report, it's the least of your worries.  5 men dead in a simple breach and clear?  One civilian too." the Captain said.
"Maybe your men would shape'n up with a good ol' crack of the whip instead of sleeping on private jets." said the other Marine.

Graphix noticed that the gentlemen was actually 1st Sergeant and acknowledged.

"Maybe, maybe not.  Let me worry about that, I'm just here to cash out.  I can feel the mildew from this office collecting on my uniform." Graphix concluded.

The two marines were visibly tired of the passive aggression and the fake smiles were gone.  At least for a moment.  Cpt.Berry put on a clearly patronizing smile and gently placed a hand on Graphix's shoulder.

"Relax Commander, you and your team did well.  As far as we're concerned, zero marines were lost and we're one less bomb maker in our area.  Thank you for your service." Barry explained.

Graphix returned the hollow smile and extended his hand out to shake with the captain.  "Thank you for the business Captain, I look forward to doing business with the Marine Corp in the future."

The 1st Sergeant crossed his arms and Cpt.Berry shook Graphix's hand.  The struggling AC had very little effect on the climate inside the tin can of an office.  Both of their hands were sweaty and slippery as the fingers embraced in formality.  The captain looked at his 1st Sergeant while still shaking Graphix's hand.

"1st Sergeant, get this man paid and tell the men to arrange an escort for Warden Security personnel to the airport." Cpt.Berry.  The white collar marine turned to his computer and picked up the radio to fulfill the commands.

"Thank you gentlemen, I'll get our bags packed." responded Graphix.

Graphix turned around and exited out of the shipping container.  One of the guards at the entrance returned Graphix's weapon as the commander walked out of the musky office and into the beating sun.

"Safety's on and chamber is empty," said the marine while handing Graphix a single 5.56 round with his free hand.
"You guys must love that guy." said Graphix.
"Fuck bro, just take me with you. This guy can-" the guard began but paused to see if the Captain was listening. "This dildo gets his men killed all the time.  I should have enlisted in the Army instead."

Graphix looked closer at the marine.  He was young, black and sweating in the heat without glasses to protect his eyes.  Graphix reached into a pocket and pulled out a business card.

"If you survive this... dildo... give me a call.  I'll even throw in some sun glasses." offered Graphix.

The marine took the card and Graphix turned away before the soldier could respond.

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