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6/28/2020 Operation Dawn AAR

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Contract: N/A(United States Marine Corp)
Location: Zargabad
FOB: Hendrix
Enemy: Local Insurgents
CO Callsign: Pixel
Infantry Callsign: Ranger
Air Transport Callsign: Gallow
CAS Callsign: Globe

June 28th, 2020 (6/28/2020)
Operation: Dawn
Operational Frequency: 131
Ground LR Frequency: 73
Air LR Frequency: 36


At approximately 0730, the following briefing was provided to Ranger 1:

“Good morning operatives, thank you for showing up.  We had several no-call no-shows today so I appreciate those of you that are actually interested in making a living.

This is a big day, through some contacts of mine, I was able to snag a small contract from the United States Marine Corp.  It wasn’t easy, in fact it seems that the Captain here at Hendrix isn’t very happy with the choice.  Not the talkative type, Cpt.Berry, but I get that vibe by the wonderful barracks he has allocated for us during our time here in Zargabad.

Regardless of the hospitality of our hosts, this is a great opportunity to make a splash with the US military.  So, game faces people.  This should be a pretty short sweet and simple.  I expect we’ll have no need to setup shop in this pile of broken glass the USMC calls a barracks.  We should be on a plane back to Malden before sun down.

Here’s the job; USMC have been working hard on establishing a relationship with the locals in Zargabad but a few days ago they lost some men to an IED as they were returning to base.  Since then, they have gotten a lead on a bomb maker’s location near the southern edge of the city as marked on the map.

It seems the USMC are blood thirsty for revenge but an assault on the compound is too aggressive for them at the moment.  Our objective today is to locate and neutralize the bomb maker and any of his armed friends.  Once the area is secured, RTO is to confirm the objective complete and the USMC will be given the green light to move in and confiscate any evidence and explosives.

Does anybody not understand the objective?

[Moment for response]

Alright, squad leader today is Cpl.Frankie because none of our operatives volunteered for the position.  Be aware that he has not been provided a preliminary briefing.

Listen up, here are the formalities:

My call sign is Pixel, your call sign is Ranger.  Any air transport is call sign: Gallow.

Our Operational Frequency today is 131, Long Range Freq will be 73.  This is Operation Dawn.

Frankie, get your men organized and radios set properly.  When you and your squad are ready, come see me.”

After approximately 15 minutes, including briefing, Ranger 1 leaves FOB Hendrix at 0845.  Ranger 1 is 5 man strong including their SL in the following capacity:

2 Offroad Pickup Trucks transporting 5 operatives.  1 Pickup truck is medical vehicle.

Squad Leader: Cpl.Frankie
RTO: Cpl.Sammy
Combat Medic: Rct.Sausage
Engineer: Pvt.Junko
Rifleman: Rct.Survivalizer

While enroute to Ranger 1 Dismount point at 041038, Ranger 1 reports a ‘barricade’ on the road over long range radio.  Pixel later informs Ranger 1 that it was actually the remains of the USMC vehicle from several days ago.

Ranger 1 reaches Dismount point at approximately 0900 and proceeds to bound from building to building over a distance of about 250 meters.  Shortly after approaching the building, Ranger 1 reports engagement from multiple hostels within the target building.  During the engagement, Rct.Sausage and Pvt.Junko were KIA.

Pixel sent two operatives as reinforcement in an offroad to replace the two KIA operatives.  Eyewitnesses at the local airport report a suspicious vehicle arriving offroad from the direction of the AO and unloading crates with unknown contents into a small helicopter before taking off. USMC Informants in the area called into USMC that armed men were approaching from the East of Ranger 1.  Pixel relayed the information to Ranger. 

While clearing the target building, Pvt.Junko and Rct.Survivalizer were KIA.  Investigation shows the operatives were killed by a single enemy at separate times.  The assailant used a PKM and took place on the second floor of the corner building.  After some communication, Ranger 1 sent Rct.Sausage to pick up 2 more replacement operatives from FOB Hendrix in a Nissan PKM technical.  While waiting for reinforcements to arrive, Ranger 1 confirmed the bomb maker compound was clear of hostile activity.  Pixel sends instructions to hold security until further orders.

Radio Communication Transcript: 1100 between Pixel and Ranger 1
“Pixel to Ranger Come in” - Pixel

“On standby” - Ranger 1
“Ranger, USMC’s reporting that, given that we found the bomb maker and the information was good, they would like us to locate and escort their informant back to FOB Hendrix.  The informant is marked on map to the far south east approximately grid 050019.  We need your men to move down there; arrest the informant, who should be in the convenient store, and escort him safely to FOB Hendrix. How copy?” - Pixel

“Copy that” - Ranger 1

Ranger 1 proceeded to gather all the valuable equipment they could before moving to the secondary objective.  At 1130, Ranger 1 begins moving to pickup the informant with the medical vehicle in front.  Reports suggest that the engineer (Pvt.Junko) was in the medical vehicle and, with the intention of having a mine detector in the front of the convoy, it was an oversight that the medical vehicle was now Vic 1 in the convoy.

Unfortunately, Ranger 1 Vic 1 falls victim to an IED.  The IED was presumably placed by a single radicalized male of younger age.  Pixel allows Ranger 1 to either return to FOB Hendrix for a medical vehicle or proceed to the secondary objective without one.  Ranger 1 chooses to push onward.

Radio Communication Transcript: 1142 between Pixel and Ranger 1
“Pixel this is Ranger, we lost a vehicle to an IED.  Standby for a casualty report … Pixel this is Ranger, we have sustained zero casualties from the IED, we’re working on moving out now.” - Ranger 1

“Pixel to Ranger, I copy your last, can you identify which vehicle has been destroyed? Over” - Pixel
“Pixel this is Ranger, we have lost the medical vehicle.” - Ranger 1

“Copy your last, you will be unable to properly PAK your friendly forces without that.  You can either continue to the secondary objective or you can have the option to head back to base.  It’s your squad leader’s call.  Out.” - Pixel
“Copy that.” - Ranger 1

“Pixel this is Ranger, squad lead has given the order to continue to the objective.” - Ranger 1
“Copy your last Ranger.  Pixel out.  Proceed” - Pixel

Shortly thereafter, Ranger 1 reports being engaged by a single insurgent armed with an SVD.  It is presumed this was the bomb setter responsible for the IED that eliminated Ranger 1’s medical vehicle.  Pixel advised Ranger 1 to stay on the move when possible.

Ranger 1 proceeded to pickup the informant, although expecting resistance on approach, Ranger 1 moved cautiously from west of the convenient store.  Eventually, Ranger 1 felt comfortable enough to move the vehicles up closer and locate the informant inside the store.

While Ranger 1 was securing the area and locating the VIP, a hostile technical approached from the southern road at high speeds.  This vehicle has been identified as having a functional DShKM mounted to the roll cage.  At about a 100 meter distance, the technical opened fire.  Investigations suggest that the fire was concentrated on the store with the intent of eliminating the informant.  Ranger 1 quickly disposed of the threat and zero non-hostile casualties were suffered.  Operatives also managed to repair the vehicle after it crashed and recover it.

After gathering all the valuable equipment they could, Ranger 1 proceeded to take a new route towards FOB Hendrix.  Friendly forces, now escorting the VIP informant, headed along the road North of the convenient store.

A few miles up the road, Ranger 1 convoy encountered fire from an enemy sniper perched on top of a building.  Eyewitnesses testify that Cpl.Frankie ordered the convoy to continue down the road at full speed in an attempt to speed passed the threat while having a VIP in Vic 2.  Reports suggest the sniper did not engage the convoy until within approximately 150 meters distance but the insurgent fired several times, managing to kill both the driver (Rct.Survivalizer) and the USMC Informant.

Radio communication transcript: 1315 between Pixel and Ranger 1
“Pixel this is Ranger, informant was sniped out of one of our vehicles.” - Ranger 1

“What was that Ranger?” - Pixel
“Pixel this is Ranger, we received enemy gunfire and the informant was shot while traveling in the vehicle.” - Ranger 1
“Interrogative Ranger, where did this happen? Over.” - Pixel

“Pixel, our grid is 048038” - Ranger 1
“Copy that Ranger, wait one...alright, Pixel to Ranger.” - Pixel
“On standby” - Ranger 1
“I’ll want a proper explanation on how our VIP was killed, but USMC’s not shedding a tear, you should just go ahead and RTB to FOB Hendrix. How copy?” - Pixel
“Copy that.” - Ranger 1

Investigation showed skid marks and dried blood that suggests that the actual location where the informant was killed was 047038.  Later, Pvt.Junko and Rct.Sausage report an attempt to locate and eliminate the sniper.  Unfortunately, it would seem the two operatives would only find a discarded weapon.  Presumably the assassin managed to get away and blend back into the local populace.  Rct.Survivalizer succumbed to his wounds as Ranger 1 failed to resuscitate him.

Ranger 1 arrived back at FOB Hendrix for debrief at 1400 (1hr20min).  With 5 total KIA operatives and one lost vehicles, Ranger 1 arrived with 2 of their original offroad pickups and two procured technicals from the friend.  They also, secured several AKMs, Vz. 58s, PKMs and several rifle mounted russian grenade launchers.  

USMC reports that they only wanted to hold their end of the agreement they had with the informant, but are actually relieved that the individual was lost outside of their responsibility.  USMC is requesting that Warden Security keep the death of their informant classified with the intent to cover up the death of a cooperating civilian.

USMC still paid the bill in full and, with that payment, Operation Dawn was technically profitable as Ranger 1 managed to recover some valuable assets to cover the losses.  However, Warden Security will be forced to sell all recovered assets rather than stash them in the WardSec arsenal for monetary reasons.

The following operatives participated in Operation Balance:


After the completion of Operation Dawn, the following operatives have promoted by Cmd.Graphix: 

Cpl.Sammy is now Sergeant (Sgt.)
Rct.Sausage is now Private (Pvt.)
Rct.Survivalizer is now Private (Pvt.)


Note from Cmd.Graphix:
“Operation Dawn was executed rather sloppily, I must admit.  Cpl.Frankie was the selected de facto squad leader in lieu of a proper voluntary SL.  Because of this, Ranger 1 was forced to operate without a preliminary briefing, severely reducing time to prepare for the job.  Ranger 1 also failed to maintain effective radio communication as far as the reports suggest.  The real saving grace for Ranger 1 is a strong confidence and unwavering morale.  After discussing the operation with my men, I have no reason to believe that at any moment did our operatives operate on a level less than a TEAM.  Their tenacity in the field allowed Ranger 1 to persevere and finish the job.  We have work to do, but Operation Dawn shows me some incredible potential.  I can’t wait to see Warden Security operatives in their prime.  Purpose from progress.”




Google Doc Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1maXG3Nbkm3lYX3NvtXS7CDmpyMysPwchW9tY9rnhLds/edit?usp=sharing

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