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JustCorbs Staff Application

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Personal Information

Name: JustCorbs

Sever Information

-Have you managed servers previously?

For the past two years I have gained lots of experience in being a mod and being an owner, so far I have owned 5 servers total, two of them being sandbox type servers, and three of them being Milsims. I have also been a mod on two servers that were sandboxes, on one of them I was the Chief Of Staff (COS), and the other I was a Moderator.

-Are you familiar with admin commands?

I am fairly familiar, however I have not seen a lot of the admin controls/commands in action through the admin's point of view on any of the platforms used for Volition. Despite that however, I am extremely experienced with Zeus and Eden Editor.

-On which servers do you usually play?

So far I have only played on the Invade and Annex servers, and have not looked into the other platforms on the network.


Application Questions

-Why do you want to become an admin?

Over time it has become the only server I play on and I have began to know most people that play on it, I have seen most of the flaws that come and go and I want to be able to help and be able to make the server even better than it already is.

-Please tell us when you usually play and are available.

I am literally on everyday for a long period of time and dont have much to do otherwise, therefore I am extremely active on the server and am available 99% of the time.

-How would you go about punishing a hacker, spammer, simple rule breaker, etc.?

When it comes to punishment it depends on what the offense is. If they are a hacker, I will most likely ban them on the spot, if it is a spammer, I will give them a warning and kick them depending on how bad the situation is, however a simple rule breaker would most likely be met with a warning, I would most likely give two warnings, and then kick them if they continued after both warnings, if they come back and continue, I would kick them for a more prolonged amount of time, etc.

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Posted (edited)

Hey Corbs, 

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming an admin!

Your application will be considered.

There are many factors I feel are important to consider, And I plan to take whatever time is necessary to find that right person for the job.
Once a decision has been made, we will welcome our new member on Discord.

I will appreciate your patience during the process,


Edited by Ak-Mag357
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