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DMR loadout. The best


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I'm asked about  my load out a lot.

Primary is the one and only - Mar 10 with LRPS scope. Always supressed unless It's a HQ Defense. My Bergen pack is stuffed with magazines, I carry 38+ the loaded 10. My kit is specifically chosen to eliminate personal only.  I have found that using the suppressor allows you to wipe out a crew of 4-10 @300M+ without them getting a shot on you. Unsupressed with a lot of experiments I have found that it  will shorten their counter response time. In a similar scenario, I'll pop 3 of them before they start shooting back at you.

I almost always run around with thermals.

At least 85% of the time it takes 1 round  to kill an enemy.

In my opinion, this is the best kit  if you enjoy just running and takin down infanty.👌


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