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[P4] Main Base Reconstruction Nominee

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Hello, and thanks for clicking on this suggestion topic.
I've been working for around a week in a small project for giving the Altis spawn area a new layer of paint.

I could write here an overused and cliche "I've played on this server for so long and..." and write in a false, commercial selling overly happy language lies like the ones you see in TV commercials at 1 AM, but let's skip that part.
We know how generic it gets.

The original design has aged, and it doesn't hurt to give users something new to look at.
No significant gameplay changer is on this project. It's mostly a layer of paint in existing assets.

I'd write more information about this project, but I've written a large and decent amount of information already in the link below.
Click on the text, and you'll be shown a nice informative guide of the process I did.

This is all map objects.
No vehicles.
Please do not forget to set all I&A assets.

By highlights, I mean the parts that will probably draw the most attention overall.
There are a handful of them, my favorite being the new helicopter spawn area.
Check the gallery for some sneak peaks!

Please do let me know of your opinion.

Map Versions and Extra Information














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Oh my!  How did this fly under my radar for so long!

@Ak-Mag357 and I will certainly go over all of these suggestions.  Thank you very much for all the work you put in!  Great quality as usual!

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I really like how there are heli pads at main spawn (the 4 new ones)
Question. those billboards, can they be made custom? for Squad and Liberation displays?

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Nice work! I especially like the heli supply area with taru pods and ammo crates, great for hq-defense supply drops! New medical area is also a really nice touch. 

In regards to Ak's question....awesome idea!! its not like i won junko's screenshot contest for advertising or anything like that :} ...quick looking around i came accross this lil gem:


basically add the code and have the image in the proper mission folder! im no coder but it seems pretty straight forward.

Edited by coffee

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