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Stryker Mcknight

Allowing Client Side Mods

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Id like to propose the idea of allowing certain mods on the server that are just client side based. By client side mods i am describing mods that do not interfere with the game play of other players and essentially enhances the game play of the default game such as...

-JSRS Sound Mod




I am new to the community and do not know if this topic has been addressed before me, if so I apologize.

Id like to ask for the community feedback on this topic. Would you like to allow mods that enhance the default game? and if so what mods would you like to see?

Leave you Input Below

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Sorry for late reply.  There are a number of reasons why we chose to go purely vanilla with our server.  The most important one in this case is regarding the built in anti-cheat system.  People were mistakenly connecting with mods such as Personal Arsenal and getting immediately banned automatically, the ban would end next server restart.  To remedy this issue, we implemented verifySignatures = 1 on the server, which basically means that if anyone attempts to connect with a different mod set as the server, the connection is immediately terminated.  This applies to admins as well, and that's annoying, but it turned out to be beneficial to avoid people using potentially game breaking mods.

This also puts us in the position that, if I were to allow blastcore, for instance, I would have to make it mandatory.  Otherwise, I would have to turn off verifySignatures.  I'd rather not.  Thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate you being a participating member of the community!

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