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Found 3 results

  1. VIP Commands !ragdoll (Opens a menu, allowing you to choose what neat effects apply to people you kill, as well as yourself on suicide) !noisemaker (Opens a menu, allowing you to play any currently existing noisemaker sound) For a key bind, use this in console bind 'key here' "sm_noisemaker 'a number 1-16 here'" Immunity to !votesmite Access to any VIP/Donor exclusive weapons If you want a custom join sound and message, open a ticket on our discord and provide your desired message and sound. Sounds or messages that are too vulgar, long, or loud will be denied Other VIP/Donor benefits are automatic, or discussed with Admins on VTF's Discord. This page will be updated as new VIP/Donor benefits are added Note! -In the event an exploit or considerable bug is found, any given benefit may be removed or disabled. This is unlikely, but the possibility must be considered -TF2 updates (as rare as they are) often break things. Some benefits may cease to function temporarily after updates. Keep that in mind
  2. Custom Weapons Information/Stats Notes Miniguns and Flamethrowers cannot have their sfx replaced directly due to Valve nonsense Vanilla balancing changes (Like ones shown with !changes) do not apply to custom weapons. They have their own stats CTRL + F to search for a specific name or phrase on a webpage, you caveman The Stats Scout The Turf Tyrant (Scattergun) -20% Damage -20% Accuracy -25% Max primary ammo +33% Firing speed +20% Reload speed +33% Clip size =Rattle 'em boys The Rough Ryder (Scattergun) -10% Firing speed -15% Initial reload speed +Kills increase reload speed +15%, up to +60% The Supply Chain (Bat) -50% Swing speed +Hit enemy projectiles back at them Soldier The W.A.S.P (Rocket Launcher) -75% Clip size -25% Max primary ammo +20% Faster reload +25% Damage bonus +15% Fire rate +Direct hits ignore damage falloff, and increase blast radius =Rockets have physics, and drop over time The Garand Slam (Soldier Shotgun) -25% Max secondary ammo -Crit damage has falloff +25% Accuracy +33% Clip size =Fires 3 pellets, each one can headshot individually =Hit all 3 pellets for 135 damage The Cavalry (Soldier Sword) -15% Damage penalty -20 Max health on wearer -No random crits +50% Banner range and duration +Crits when any banner effect is active. This also means friendly soldier banners =Sword status. Slower draw and holster, longer range =Proper team support =Increase banner effectiveness greatly, and get funny sword crits, at the cost of the health bonus banners provide The G.I. Jumpers (Soldier Secondary Wearable) -Replaces shotgun +300% Air control when not blast jumping +10% Jump height Pyro The Burner's Bark (Pyro Shotgun) -34% Clip size -15% Damage penalty +15% Faster deploy speed +Mini-crits burning players The Kitchen Ace (Pyro Shotgun) -85% Clip size -50% Firing speed -15% Accuracy +20% Bullets per shot +30% Damage bonus +Heavy Knockback +Shoot down to blast yourself upward The Afterburner (Flamethrower) -80% Afterburn duration -33% Slower airblast recharge time -Airblast doesn't reflect projectiles, put out fires, or push enemies +100% Afterburn damage +Airblast pushes the pyro in the direction he is moving (effectively a dash move) +50% Faster airblast to fire time (Able to use primary fire faster after an airblast) =Similairly to how you charge off a ramp with a demo shield, dashing off a ramp or stairway can get wicked air and distance Demoman The Subtle Scotsman (Demoman Melee) -150% Deploy and Holster speed -100% Fire rate penalty +Extreme knockback from damage when held +60% Damage vulnerability when held +125% Melee damage vulnerability when held +Instantly kill yourself and anyone you hit =Funny creeper minecraft caber The Grimm Drinker (Demoman Melee) -25% Swing speed +33% Damage from melee when held +Melee hits multiple targets, and hits through targets +On hit: Heal 20 health =Sword status. Slower holster and draw, longer range =Multi-Kill! The Highland Highjumpers (Demoman Primary Wearable) -Replaces grenade Launcher +66% Less damage from blast jumping +20% Jump height The Two-Legged Artillery (Grenade Launcher) -75% Clip size -35% Max primary ammo +50% Self blast damage +Greatly increased projectile range +25% Damage bonus +30% Blast radius on direct hit =Not as complicated as it looks. Just point and shoot for instant dopamine =Punished harder for letting enemies get close The Flak Attack (Grenade Launcher) -20% More self damage +Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions or rocket packs +75% Shorter grenade fuse =Poor range, but highly effective in many close-range situations The Riot Retort (Shield) -Replaces secondary +25% Bullet resistance +25% Crit resistance +50% Less push force from damage +Enemies hit by the shield bash will have their aim thrown off The Hardy Highlander (Sticky Launcher) -33% Clip size -20% Projectile range -35% Increased self damage -3 Max pipe bombs out +Stickies drop cluster bombs upon your death +Sticky bombs drop 2 cluster grenades on detonation =AREA DENIAL IS ABSOLUTE Heavy The Belgian Buzzsaw (Minigun) -35% Accuracy -15% Damage penalty -15% Slower spinup speed +Weapon penetrates up to 2 targets, including teammates +No sound while spun up +35% Firing speed =This weapon absolutely shits bullets, it will burn your ammo away as well as anyone close to you =Most effective in tight areas and/or when engaging multiple targets =Less damage at range than stock, but absolutely melts at close range =Can't beat brass beast 1 on 1, before you ask The Heavy Pack (Heavy Wearable) -Replaces equipped minigun -50 Max health on wearer +20% Move speed on wearer +50% Max secondary ammo +500% Max food items +1 Capture rate on wearer =The ultimate fat scout experience =Speed bonuses stack with other items. Use with GRU for extreme speed The Automated Assault (Heavy Shotgun) -15% Accuracy -25% Max primary ammo on wearer -25% Max secondary ammo on wearer +25% firing speed +150% Clip size =Shotgun Minigun The Revolutionary's Rebuke (Minigun) -25% Max primary ammo -No primary ammo from dispensers while held +All allies in a 250Hu radius have increased reload and firing speed while you are spun up with ammo, and for 2 seconds after leaving the radius =Seize the means of destruction The Tokarev Takeover (Minigun) -48% Max primary ammo -Push from damage taken increased +66% +50% Faster move speed while spun up =MOVE! Engineer The Property Protector (Engineer Shotgun) -30% Accuracy -67% Clip size -64% Max primary ammo +35% Damage +Hefty Knockback +Shoot down to propel yourself upward The Lakeside Pride (Engineer Grenade Launcher) -20% Damage penalty +Damage affects sappers +100% Damage vs Sappers =Not as effective in combat as a demo launcher, but a solid utility and damage dealer when needed The Tradesman's Tote (Engineer Primary Wearable) -Replaces primary +50% Max metal +50% Max secondary ammo +20% Metal from pickups The Wild Hunter (Engineer Pistol) -50% Fire rate -50% Clip size +66% Accuracy +100% Crits vs enemies targeted by any friendly sentry The Overbite (Wrench) -25% Max metal +15% Building Health +15% Sentry firing speed The Scrap Sentinel (Wrench) -5 Upgrade metal per hit +Two-way teleporter +Players receive a speed boost for 4 seconds after taking your teleporter Market Pardeneer (Wrench?) +Crits while blast jumping -No random Crits Medic Maniac's Maschinepistole (SMG) -20% clip size -36% Max primary ammo -25% Firing speed +25% Damage bonus +Fires bullets The Leidwerfer (Needlegun) -33% Clip size +On hit: Target is pissed (on) for 4 seconds =Medic finally has piss The Puncture Test (Medic Shotgun) +It's a shotgun -20% Accuracy =Medick Shotgun?!?! The Fuel Rod (Medi-Nuke) -66% Deploy speed -25 Max health on wearer =Ubercharge is a fiery explosion that deals 450 damage in a 250 Hu radius Die Totenwerfer (Medi-gun) -33% Faster overheal decay +25% Ubercharge rate =Ubercharge is radial buff. Teammates within 300Hu of the medic will receive the following +Heal 26hp/s +Speed boost The Pacifist's Parcel (Medic Wearable) -Replaces Primary +10% Move speed on wearer +See enemy health +Kills with any weapon drop small health packs (Includes ubercharge nuke) The Booster Shot (Medi-Needle) -35% Swing speed -25% Damage penalty +On hit teammate: Both of you get a speed boost +On hit enemy: You gain a shorter speed boost =This weapon has improved range Sniper The Manncannon (Sniper Rifle) -50% Fire rate (-40% on all other rifles) -40% Max primary ammo on all rifles -10% Move speed on wearer -75% Charge speed +125% Charge speed while crosshair is on-target +13% Damage bonus +Shoot down to propel yourself upward =Anti-Tank rifle. =170 uncharged headshot =511 full charge headshot =57 uncharged bodyshot =170 full charge bodyshot The Caretaker (Sniper Rifle) -20% Damage vs players above 90% Health +See enemy health +25% of missing enemy health is added to damage +33% of missing enemy hp is transferred to you on hit, healing up to 200% health =Take care The Roo Revolution (SMG) -20% Fire rate -47% Max secondary ammo -20% Clip size -Crit damage has falloff +Crits on headshot +66% Accuracy =AKM The Brief Negotiator (SMG) -54% Max secondary ammo -20% Clip size +50% Firing speed +Mini-crits targets launched by blast damage or thermal thrusters =Watch your ammo, disappeeear =Dummy fast. Melt aggressors with ease, if you don't panic Spy Le Pacificateur (Revolver) -125% Reload speed -50% Accuracy -25% Damage peanlty +65% Firing speed +50% Deploy speed =Fastest hand in the weast The Cutthroat Commando (Knife) +1 Second longer cloak blink time +Silent uncloak +All knives: Silent killer. No attack noise or killfeed icon for backstabs The Specialist's Sneakers (Spy secondary wearable) -Replaces revolver +300% Increased air control +1 Capture value on wearer +10% Move speed =bhop god All-Class/Multi-Class Moai (All-class melee) +Goofy Miner's Malice (All-class melee) +Silly Nightwatch (Multi-Class Shotgun) -15% Clip size +20% Fire rate =Hidden stats result in less single shot damage than stock =Fires a plus-shaped spread pattern Hunter's Hallmark (Multi-Class Shotgun) -25% Fire rate +Mini-crits on center-mass hits (chest or back) =Fires three precision pellets =Hidden stats result in less single shot damage than stock, unless center-mass =Aim below the chin The Big Mac (Scout and Engineer pistol/smg?) -33% Damage Penalty -50% Accuracy +66% Fire rate +70% Clip size =Burns away ammo. Try to aim =+15% Secondary ammo as Scout =-50% Secondary ammo as Engineer The Magnum Opus (Scout and Engineer pistol) -33% Clip size -Crit damage has falloff -125% Fire rate +66% Accuracy +35% Damage bonus +Crits on headshot =-33% Secondary ammo as Scout =-60% Secondary ammo as Engineer End of stats. Check back later for any changes or new additions
  3. Rules 1) No hacking or Tampering of any kind. Anyone caught using scripts or external software will be permanently banned with or without notice 2) No advertising servers of any kind 3) No Continuous, overbearing mic spam 4) No Continuous spawndoor camping. Anyone caught spawndoor camping continuously accepts that they may be killed, kicked, or tortured by admins at their discretion. This rule does not apply on CP_ maps Notes -Some situations will require a personal touch from admins. Ultimately decisions for rules and enforcement are up to the individuals responsible for moderation. Staff word is final -No particular words or phrases are disallowed, you are free to speak as you please. However, if you say particularly gay stuff, or you say frick in place of the word fuck, you will be killed -If you feel an admin has enforced rules unfairly, feel free to open a ticket on our Discord to appeal an action or file complaints -Take it easy on kids. They are annoying, but they're allowed to play too DISCORD TF2+ Trading Discord : https://discord.gg/vYry2cbjyR Volition Servers Discord : https://discord.com/hkKBHgg Custom Weapons Revolution -Mapcycle- ctf_2fort_groveV6 ctf_2gorge_paradiseV9 ctf_landfall ctf_doublecross_snowy koth_eros_rc2 koth_hangar_rc5 koth_suijin_supremeV1 koth_highpass koth_harvest_supremeV3 koth_sawmill_supremeV2 koth_lakeside_supremeV2 koth_viaduct_supremeV2 koth_undergrove_rc1 koth_cinder_rc4 cp_goldrush_paradiseV8 cp_badwtaer_paradiseV8 cp_hoodoo_goldV6 cp_dustbowl_goldV10 cp_swiftwaterV8 cp_thundermountainV4 cp_borneoV5 cp_barnblitzV2 cp_rumble_rc6 Map Time - 35 (CP_) 45 (KOTH_) 80 (CTF_) Round Limit - 3 (On CP_ and KOTH_ maps) Max Flag Caps - None Critical Hits - Melee Only Weapon Spread - Off Halloween - Enabled Admins - SpookyV9, Chizzlo IP for adding to favorites - Custom Weapons Conquest -Mapcycle- koth_eros_rc2 koth_hangar_rc5 koth_suijin_supremeV1 koth_highpass koth_harvest_supremeV3 koth_sawmill_supremeV2 koth_lakeside_supremeV2 koth_viaduct_supremeV2 koth_undergrove_rc1 koth_cinder_rc4 cp_goldrush_paradiseV8 cp_badwtaer_paradiseV7 cp_hoodoo_goldV6 cp_dustbowl_goldV10 cp_swiftwaterV8 cp_thundermountainV4 cp_borneoV5 cp_barnblitzV2 cp_rumble_rc6 Map Time - 35 Round Limit - 3 Max Flag Caps - None Critical Hits - Melee Only Weapon Spread - Off Halloween - Enabled Admins - SpookyV9, Chizzlo IP for adding to favorites - Commands !resizemyhands (opens hands resize menu) !resizeme (opens entire body resize menu) !pitch 'number between 50 and 250' (type the number without quotes to change your voice pitch) !cwx (opens custom weapons menu) !critsounds (toggles critical kill sound) !rtd (rolls the dice, 50-50 chance of good or bad perk) !changes (shows vanilla weapon balancing changes to your loadout if any are present) !help or !info (opens this post) !discord (opens TF2+ Discord join link) !calladmin (send a message directly to admins about server issues) !rank (see rank and stats of players on the server) !settings (disable or change settings of chat bubbles) !store (open store to buy titles, name colors, or unusual effects) !votemenu (open a list of many fun/useful votes) !cwxinfo (open post with custom weapon stats)
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