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  1. I've been playing on this server for many years now and I've accumulated nearly 1480 hours within Arma 3 as a whole. I would wager that at least 70 percent of that if not more is entirely on Volition's I&A NO MODS server. It is easily the best and most chilled Arma server I've been on and I started playing on it within my first hours of playing Arma 3 in general. The community is great, staff is diligent and Graphix7 has managed it beautifully. In my experience keeping servers like this running for so consistently for so long is a triumph all of its own. I've had my odd complaint every now and then of course but I have to say the most recent updates made in the last months have put it over the top. I haven't applied before because I simply saw no reason to as it as always adequately staffed in pretty much all the time I've played but I noticed the recent call to action in the discord announcements and I'd like to offer an extra hand in administration. 

    This wouldn't exactly be my first time being in an administration role of course, when I was younger I used to be a part of a few Gmod DarkRP servers and made a good amount of experience. In one instance I was made a manager of other less experienced admins on the server so I was trusted with a fair amount of responsibility at the time (it was called A$AP DarkRP I believe in the one in a million chance that someone played gmod around that time, its long dead now as the owner fell off the deep end). This was a long time ago however and doesn't directly translate to Arma's own system but I feel its good to mention that I'm not coming into this completely fresh. 

    I do however want to address a problem that anyone who has played with me knows well in that I don't use a microphone. I have my own personal reasons as to why this is but so far I've gotten along for hundreds of hours in this server just fine but I do see how this could be an issue in being an admin. If this is too much of a problem I understand fully but I don't really plan on using one frequently. I can suggest that I act as sort of "unseen" or undercover admin as an alternative. I feel this could be a good compromise as it would allow in certain times for rule breakers or hackers or what have you to feel comfortable and act more carelessly and can be dealt with quickly without much of a hassle and relatively unnoticed. I don't mind creating reports or logs (I do a lot of that in my real job anyway) of my activity in order for it to remain fair and making sure I'm not abusing abilities unsupervised. Of course other admins and regulars would know the deal as well and I'd help out in normal admin stuff, abit more quietly. This is merely a suggestion of course but I feel like certain individuals like this helped a great deal when I was running my Gmod servers as people stopped hiding their nature in the guise of being unsupervised, however in all honesty Gmod servers were always much more hectic in general and needed that sort of thing to keep from totally falling apart.

    In any case I also don't mind acting as a regular admin to help out so long as my microphone stipulation isn't a dealbreaker. This is a wonderful server and I've been donating regularly for a while now as it remains one of the few I actually considered worth an investment in. I'll help in any way I can to keep this place running strong.

    - Mark Nutt

    Also as a side note I do have some very minor experience in modding Arma 3. I've created a few models and imported them into the game, creating animations and coding their parameters but considering this is a NO MODS server I'm sure that's not exactly the most helpful knowledge to have.

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