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  1. Discord is Cipher#0320 and in-game is Doc Cipher I was introduced to volition servers about a year ago from some squad buddies and have been a part of the volition liberation team since it was introduced. I enjoy tactical shooters and FPS games overall. I'm pretty easy going and get along well with others although I don't handle stupidity well and often try to get others back in line if they goof off to much. I'm also a very straight forward person who isnt afraid to speak their own mind when situations arise that call for it. I have a few hundred hours into Arma 3 mainly being I&A and Liberation, and sever hundred hours into other games such as Destiny 2, Squad, and Post Scriptum. As far as an actual MP server admin I have no experience but I'm willing to learn to expand my horizons a bit further. I have an interest in being an admin on liberation because I consistently play on the liberation server and would like to help keep things running smoothly with the player base and add to the overall experience. I would also like to be able to weigh in on matters such as mods for the server or even different changes made to the overall game play. Favorite starburst color is cherry.
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