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  1. Doc_Cipher

    Server Rules

    Be respectful of other players and their wishes. Play your role, medics are there to keep the squad functional, engineers are there to do the same for vehicles ARTILLERY AND CAS ARE BY REQUEST ONLY AND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED INSIDE OF TOWNS AND CAPITALS, NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS ROE SAYS OTHERWISE. Do your part, logi helps everyone in the end, even if it's as simple as bringing crates from the active AO back to base. Under no circumstances is teamkilling acceptable for whatever reason. INFANTRY WORK COMES FIRST, DONT BE GRABBING PLANES OR HEAVY ARMOR UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, ESPECIALLY WHILE THERE IS LOW SERVER POPULATION Admin's word is final, any arguments can possibly result in authoritative action up to and including suspension or ban. FALIURE TO ADHERE TO THE RULES WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF PERMISSIONS, REPEATED OFFENSES WILL RESULT IN ADMINISTRATIVE PUNISH AT ADMINS DISCRETION UP TO AND INCLUDING A PERMANANT BAN
  2. Doc_Cipher

    Server Mods

    HTML containing both required and optional mods for the server, they are updated as we do new missions. Steps to import mod list 1. Download html link 2. Open the Arma 3 launcher 3. Go to "Mods" tab and select "import mods from a file" under the "More" drop down tab 4. Select the HTML file from your recent downloads and subscribe to all mods that are listed 5. DO NOT LOAD "ACE", Mods that require "ACE" work just fine with "ACE No Medical" 6. Join the server and enjoy Liberation Optionals.html
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