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  1. Hello! I have been playing Arma 3, specifically I&A a lot lately. I enjoy the server a lot! I want to help out everyone and make everyone as happy as possible. I have experience with other moderation type things. Such as one of the biggest SCP:SL servers. I have also moderated, and pushed forward a small discord server to thousands of people, I had once been co-owner on there too. As of Arma I have learned a lot fairly quickly, and I'm good at almost every role. I have learned a lot about actual military things, so I have some knowledge on a bit of things. More on I&A Arma 3. I noticed a lot of people come on here and be rude to others with no consequence, and I feel like that could be fixed! I want this server to be the best server ever, I mean it already is but you know.... Even if I don't get accepted whoever try's in the future does! That's all I could think of. Thank you!
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