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  1. Hi Simo, 6,500+ hours and still enjoying myself most of the time! I play at work to pass time, so you could say I get paid (I'm def not a pro though). I also used to run a server which I spent a lot of time on. You may notice I haven't played for 4 days because the last time was such a disaster, I'll be back though. With regards to Aarons play style, I'm not trying to tell him how he should or shouldn't play because with Arma theres a million different ways you can, I understand that, but an admin is definitely more effective when they join in with the AOs.
  2. I'd like to make a complaint about an admin called TheAaron, I signed into Tanoa and was leaving base in a littebird when he shot me out of the sky using the friendly AA, when I asked why he did this he told me that 'only pilots can fly', He said when I got into the heli I would've got an automatic warning telling me I can not fly, this is not the case and no warning is given at all (It used to, but not anymore). I have seen countless people fly the Littlebird when pilots aren't present and they never get shot down by an admin. If this is a rule I suggest it be written down somewhere so people understand. To be honest though my complaint is more to do with his childish, petulant manner when I spoke to him and tried to explain, his snarky, passive aggressive tone is something you do not expect from an admin, I've never actually seen TheAaron on the battlefield with the rest of the players, he prefers to just stand in base spawning a Kajman for himself over and over again, in-fact I've never seen anybody other than an admin flying around in a Blackfoot/Kajman etc, the admins I have encountered on the server seem like very, very selfish people, so much so that I've started a thread for people to suggest admins from their in-game experiences, because the people that apply to be are often the last people that should be. This all happened on Saturday after I'd spent 2 hours on the Altis server getting repeatedly teamkilled by a player called Erip which the admins did nothing about. I have played I & A for nearly 7000 hours and have never once even considered making a complaint about an admin, this is the first.
  3. I've started this thread so people can suggest admins for the servers because the current ones do not always fulfil their responsibilities entirely and fairly. If you know of a regular player on the server who is sensible, trustworthy and helpful please list his/her name below with 1-2 reasons for your suggestion and maybe the server owner Grafix will consider them. (I understand a thread already exists for admin applications, but I think suggestions from players would be more beneficial for everybody) I'll make a suggestion myself over the next few days and have a few people in mind.
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