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  1. Hello, my username is chedd and I've been playing on the Invade & Annex server for as long as I've been playing Arma 3, so around 650 hours total. I started playing on the server back when we had the roles such as Paramedic, and other designated special roles. I unfortunately don't have much staff experience other than one Minecraft server back when I was 15 in highschool, but that was 5 years ago and I am now in college enrolled in a Paramedic program. I wish to be staff just so that if people are having an unfortunate time with a troll or if the server crashes, I can be there to assist and make everybody's experience enjoyable and making them find their own spot in our community, as I did long ago. As for my location, I live in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest, and I typically log on at least once a day, potentially more. I may not have much experience as a staff member, but I am most certainly willing to learn from any and everyone in how to correct problems that I may encounter. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and have a good day.
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