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  1. Hey. Its Pvt.Gikas First of all big thanks for taking your time to read my silly application i am not good writer but i will try. i really love to play in this server and i can say so far i been playing a year now i been meeting with many lovely people and had really lovely memories with all lovely players. The reason i am applying for being an 1 of the admin in server is i am mostly time active in game and i like to help to server much i can and have more memories with lovely community. Mostly time i play Cas/Cab or Crazy Machine gunner most knows me in this rolls i believe i play this both classes in best class can be and also i really enjoy to play both class a lot. in short way what i can say is i really wanna put so much effort in this server to help much i can and meet more lovely players in years. Some informations about me. My name is Batuhan. I am 25 years old From Cyprus but living in london for a year now studying english. thanks for taking your time to read again. Sincerely Batuhan.
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