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  1. This will be the desired format of every application. It does not need to be followed perfectly but it would be nice! Personal Information Name: Bertrand. Age: 15 Any other relevant info that your willing to share you can put here! Server Information - Have you managed a Squad server in the past? I haven't although I have seen how people do so, and I have taken part in a staff position previously on a small Squad Server. - Are you familiar with Squad playstyles, rules, and commands? I am fully aware of the rules, playstyles and commands that Squad entails. Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? I want to become part of the Squad Staff Team/Admin just so I can focus on a server and work full time. I want to find a server I can commit the most time to, as well as advertising and just generally help the community overall. I want to become apart of the Staff Team/Admin of the Squad Server because I truly love Squad and would love to attain a position on a great server to enforce server rules and help out new players. - What is your availability? Firstly, I am active and can willing put forth 4 -10 hours a day on the server every day of the week, I am responsible for my work and can peak fluent english. Moving on, I am also dedicated to my work and disciplined in order to complete all of the tasks that I have been set for me to complete. Secondly, I am humble person and easy to approach and question. I am kind hearted and am able to help anyone who requires assistance. - How would you handle situations like cheaters, lag issues, and restart requests? For cheaters, I will simply ban them immediately as that is breaking Squad TOS as well as server rules, aside from that is also setting a bad reputation for our server therefore getting rid of the cheater by banning him would be a reasonable punishment. For people who are experiencing lag I will give them solutions to try, such as restarting your PC, restarting your router, unplugging and re-plugging your Ethernet Cable etc. Hopefully one of them work, if none of them work last solution would be to phone their Internet Company. If someone were to request a server restart, depending on the reason and player base I will act accordingly. Anything else you want to add is up to you but this general format would be preferable!
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