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  1. Personally I hope we never have an Arma4. I would much rather see them rename this Arma and upgrade through DLC.
  2. One more. How about live play tutorials for noobs and maybe live OP making tutorials.
  3. I also remember hearing about user created maps and ops. Can you elaborate a little more on that?
  4. My name is John but my Steam ID is as you can tell dorkiller. I came up with that name 20 or so years ago. In the late 1990's I ran cat3 cable under my house to all the rooms. I made it for lan parties with my kids. We'd play FPS most of the time. A-hole fathers are supposed to call their sons dorks. So that's how I got the name. I play some flight sim but mostly Arma3. I have over 1100 hours playing the game. I have only played Arma MP a few times spread out over a year but am going to try and spend my Sundays, when possible, online. So much to learn. Eventually I would like to learn MP mission making. So enough said. See you in the trenches
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