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  1. Personal Credentials My name is 14LbsofButter, I am 23 and work full time. I've been a minecraft player for almost 10 years now, especially modded. I have never managed an official server, just some ones my friends and I made back in the day, abut I am pretty familiar with the commands. I am also able to find out the few commands I might not know as well, quickly. I love to build incredibly complex redstone machines, as well as making great monuments for myself and friends on servers. This usually involves a lot of dark colors and lava, because those are the best and you cannot convince me otherwise. Application Questions I want to become an admin because if I am spending a ton of time on this server, I would love to help it grow by keeping things in order. My availability varies day by day as I have varied work hours, but I would mostly be on at night, usually past 10pm. Cheaters ruin the experience for everyone. If someone is caught cheating, they most likely will do it again. so depending on the severity I would choose ban varying in length based on the infraction. Any subsequent offenses would result in a permanent ban, that must be appealed if they wish to continue playing on the server. In the case of lagging issues I would first try to figure out the issue causing it, and take measures based on what I find. Restart/rollback requests I would have to have a VERY good reason to even consider, especially if there is a higher population on the server at the time, as it affects most people online. In conclusion, I believe I would make an excellent candidate for staff, and eagerly await a response to my request.
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