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  1. I would like to apply for admin because like 2 months ago I had captured an enemy Viper which I thought was cool so I named him Gary but when I was coming to the AO Rapponotti shot Gary and said he thought a Viper was right behind me but I think that he knew better. I told Rapponotti I would get him back but he is hard to find and I figure that if I was an admin I could find him easier so I can avenge Gary. I think this is a pretty noble cause. Love Simo
  2. I'm sure you have figured it out, but on the very very remote chance you still need an answer let me know
  3. Sling loading the Slammer wouldn't be realistic at all. As far as I know the current heli with the largest capacity is the MI-26 which is like 55-56 tons, and the slammer, which I believe is based on the Israeli MBT is at least 65+ tons. I don't think there is any current production heli out there that can lift the slammer analog. But like always I may be wrong.
  4. 7000 hours on I&A...Jesus Christ! I have to be a little skeptical on that one unless you are an unpaid professional ARMA player. If I'm wrong forgive me. But if you have been on that long, you should really know Aaron's play style and what he does and does not tolerate. Not trying to be confrontational but the whole 7000 hours throws me for a loop...extraordinary claims and all.
  5. Welcome Sieni my friend. I look forward to teaming up with you more on the server!
  6. I'm Simo Häyhä and I endorse this candidate.
  7. Welcome Legend, If you need any help, Im usually on late night on Altis. Feel free to message me.
  8. Hey Slobondavic, its been fun playing with you so far! Welcome (unofficially from me of course) to VS. I look forward to joining you more in the future. Over 40 mafia rules! Simo
  9. I don't see many posts. If there a better place to go if I want to communicate with the VS regulars? (I'm already active on discord) Simo
  10. Graphix dropped his cookie cutter!
  11. I’ve decided to not to fill out your application. I hope you understand and respect that decision. I would still like to support your server, and will do so by supporting your existing staff with reports of griefers/hackers and feedback to help you improve the server. I will also Join your Arma 3 unit and wear the Volition Servers logo on my shoulder in every Arma 3 server I join. Thank you for not considering me, it means a lot that I want to help your community.
  12. Oh, and I'm always drinking when I play so if you don't like me today, I probably misunderstood and said something dumb. Give me another chance tomorrow. Unless I really don't like you, which there only like 3 people I've met so far that fall into that category. If you try to talk to me and I don't respond, I'm probably concentrating on my scope. Try again in a minute. Good luck to you all out there! Simo
  13. Hi, my name is Simo Häyhä and I'm 46. I was in the Army at Ft Wainwright, Alaska as an 11C (infantry mortar-man) in 5/9 INF during Desert Storm. After 2 years in mortars, I moved to the scout squad as a sniper using the M24. As a sniper in the arctic I've been fascinated with the story of the deadliest sniper in history, Simo Häyhä (white death) who's moniker I have adopted. I was in Fairbanks, Alaska for 27 years, but have recently took up residence in Colorado. I like Arma because it is a great MilSim and takes me back to the old days. I'm very patient on the server, and have been know to run 8k to the next AO when transport is not available. Volition is the only server I play, and I would really like to see it expand. I usually play late at night from the 10pm-3am PST.
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