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  1. Hello, I'd like to start of by saying that less than 5 people have brought up the idea of myself applying for admin role on the VS I&A servers on Arma3. Mind you I have never taken on such a role so my initial thoughts drive me in the opposite direction. However, maybe it isn't that bad since my duration on the server has been since January2020/December2019 and based on my observations other members who have taken on the role don't seem to have much stress regarding their role. I'm applying for the role because I think I can contribute my ideas and help with the gameplay stability. I'm communicative when I find I need to be otherwise I'm mostly silent and often do my own thing but still try to make contributions to the team when and where I decide. I have no issues helping out new players and explaining things because doing this reinforces my knowledge and I might learn something new along the way which in turn can help other players. I'm on a lot considering I very much like the vanilla-likeness the server has and the amount of activities players can do and so I would like to think that I've planted my Arma 3 feet here for the time being. This does not mean I will be on everyday though. Lastly, I don't mind giving people a chance but when bad actions become consistent then reaction will need to be taken. The severity of the reaction depends on the severity of the bad action. I hope this isn't too much or too confusing to understand I wanted to put this in a format that would best describe my professionalism. Thanks.
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