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  1. Name: Volition Servers Squad #1 IP: Slots: 70 Regular 10 Reserve slots Server Location: Hillsboro, OR Server Machine Statistics: 50 Gigs of Storage 8 Gigs of RAM 4 Cores
  2. Personal Information Name: HonorZealot Age: 18 Hey all, it’s Honor/Syri here! Server Information - Have you managed a Squad server in the past? Ive never managed a Squad server in the past, but I’ve been playing a lot recently and I believe that my experience would be able to serve as a benefit to a Volition-tan Squad server. - Are you familiar with Squad playstyles, rules, and commands? I consider myself experienced with the many roles, rules, and commands of Squad, and I believe that my knowledge and willingness to learn will be a benefit. Application Questions - Why do you want to become an admin? I want to become an admin on a Voliton-tan Squad server due to my love of the game. - What is your availability? Due to all the online schooling and whatnot, I’m available nearly constantly. I’m on pacific time, if that helps. - How would you handle situations like cheaters, lag issues, and restart requests? I would handle each situation individually. I believe in an instant ban for anyone who cheats on a squad server, but I would attempt to gather evidence before taking action. Lag issues and restart requests would depend on how much access I would be given to the server, but if I was, I would put out a server-wife poll before starting the process to restart a server.
  3. Hey all, Im Syri "Honor" Dorna, or Syri, or Honor or whatever. I'm 18 and Im looking to become an admin for the server. Ive been playing for a while and Ive seen many times where an admin isnt available due to it being early in the afternoon, which is a time slot I'm hoping to fill. Im generally available relatively any time during the day, going by PST.
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