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  1. Name- Boolin Age- 18 From- North Carolina Server Playtime- 3 years now (invade and annex) Other Servers- KOTH,Altis Life Past Admin Role- I was a part time admin for a Rust server known as Rustoria with over 250+ players on the server at all times Goal- I would like to keep the Invade and Annex server going as long as possible, im hoping that my expertise with People will be able to keep people together and enjoy playing the server overall. i have experience with Zues and know how to fix very simple bugs in the game and help new players with any trouble they may face when first joining the server whether that be something they might experience inside or outside of the game. My past admin experience i think qualifies me for this role as i have dealt with plenty of bad/angry people in my time and try to make a server a better place for people. I hope that you take my application into consideration, even though you may not need anymore admins i can assure you that one more wont hurt
  2. Great to see you Frebchy308!!! Welcome to Volition I&A... :)
  3. Hello everyone, the name is Boolin I've been ruling these skies for about 2 years now, and love talking and playing with the community. Motto- "The Skies belong to me.... Nowhere to run... Nowhere to hide" P.S- if you hear "Another one bites the dust" and a hummingbird flying 2 meters above the ground coming at you full speed, its probably me.... Sincerely Boolin….
  4. Hello my name is Boolin! I have been playing on the volition servers for 2 years at least now, just never went on the forums , I am confident enough to take on the role of a server admin and help and control the community to the best of my ability. I have 1-1.5 years of admin experience on Rustoria (one of the biggest Rust servers on rust) dealing with other 250 people. My reputation with the VS server community is very well and want to keep the community running as long as I/we can as we are one of the biggest no mod Invade and Annex servers on Arma 3! I hope you take my application into consideration and let me become part of the team and a bigger role model for the rest of the community. Sincerely Boolin…
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