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  1. Welcome! Hello, and thanks for clicking on this suggestion topic. I've been working for around a week in a small project for giving the Altis spawn area a new layer of paint. I could write here an overused and cliche "I've played on this server for so long and..." and write in a false, commercial selling overly happy language lies like the ones you see in TV commercials at 1 AM, but let's skip that part. We know how generic it gets. The original design has aged, and it doesn't hurt to give users something new to look at. No significant gameplay changer is on this project. It's mostly a layer of paint in existing assets. I'd write more information about this project, but I've written a large and decent amount of information already in the link below. Click on the text, and you'll be shown a nice informative guide of the process I did. This is all map objects. No vehicles. Please do not forget to set all I&A assets. Highlights By highlights, I mean the parts that will probably draw the most attention overall. There are a handful of them, my favorite being the new helicopter spawn area. Check the gallery for some sneak peaks! CONCEPT DESIGN GALLERY Please do let me know of your opinion. Thanks! Map Versions and Extra Information CHANGELOG
  2. Any misbehavior, possible abuse, or ignoring their responsibility should be taken evidence of and then reported. Not creating a topic asking head administrators to enforce authority to look for something that there isn't even any proof that has happened. Unfortunately, this topic is many months old, but still saying it to help out any users who might think it's a 'good idea' to create topics like these, instead of gathering evidence.
  3. Welcome, stranger! My name is Appdata, or Mike as my in-game name, and I am just the usual, regular player you might meet online, without the toxic and unnecessarily aggressive personality bits. I will always meet with open arms new users, because aggressiveness and toxicity is not a personality characteristic, but just an obnoxious, attention seeking method. About you Well, I have a rather high enjoyment on the creation of topics/threads on gaming forums that will prove helpful to other users, such as guides, guidelines, and other informative topics. That said, this forum has a unique format code I haven't seen before... it's gonna take a while to get used to. Most likely than now, I will spend most of my time in the Discord server and the forums, more than the game server itself. What do you seek to accomplish in the community? As previously mentioned: To create as many quality, well-invested information topics on the forum. This is not my first ride, as I got experience on other gaming communities I've passed by before. Some of my previous experience projects were kept in a now defunct forum, from the 'COD5 Community'. I have a text saved for the Forum Rules of said community, but unfortunately it's BBCode, and therefore porting it to this forum will require starting from scratch. Yeah, this forum has a unique forum formatting code, but I will eventually get the hang on it. I do not have any administrative goals in mind, I'm rather interested in the creation of informative topics. However, if the opportunity comes, maybe some day I will look up and set a new goal. Who knows what the future has to offer. Examples Not everything was lost in the forum of the COD5 Community, as I moved to another, more recent community: Phoenix V I, Appdata, decided to break my personal record on invested in a forum project as to comparison to my previous CODE5 project, the Forum Rules (composed with introduction, colors, quotes, examples, for each and every 21 of the rules). I knew it'd be a big investment to attempt to break that record, but I still decided to continue in my goal to set a new limit... ...and so I did. My Biggest Project: Bug Tracker The Bug Tracker was created for the COD5 Community, but due to the closure of the community, I stopped development. Eventually, I restarted it from the ground, but this time, in Google Documents. Before I could even start this project, I had to learn a whole new formatting from Google Docs and Google Charts. The early phases of my development were demanding me to stop and just play a game and forget this. But I persisted. And finished. With nothing else to say, I want to introduce you to my biggest, to this date, project I have developed in my own (hell, even my collaborations from past projects can't match this). Bug Tracker The bug tracker was created with the most detail my knowledge on the basics of Google Sheets could allow me to, sacrificing my time to elaborate as much simplicity for any other user I would allow to add new bugs to the list. The ease of use of this document is as easy as 1-2-3 (the early stages were not and required a rather unnecessarily complex procedure that I feared would discourage users from adding new bugs). The version you're seeing is the backup version to use in case of griefing, aka the fully clean, release candidate, version. Tracker Manual Not only did I spend a month on the learning of Sheets and the creation of the Bug Tracker, but also spent some of that time creating a manual. Yes, a manual. I created a manual with the purpose to elaborate with as much detail as possible on what category every game bug should be put. Not only did I go through every bug category I could think of, but also made examples, charts, table of content, and so much more! If I thought the Bug Tracker was difficult because of the new formatting of the Google Sheets, little did I know that the Tracker Manual would be difficult not because of the formatting, but by typing 32,085 words. Changelog As you can tell already, I am very, over the line, organized, so it comes to no surprise I kept my organization - wait for it - organized. I created a changelog to keep track of any changes to either the manual, the tracker, or even the changelog itself. Due to the stability of the documents, no changes have been made (thankfully). See you later! So I have demonstrated I am capable of creating well shaped informative topics, and every once in a while when planets align, a big project like the one above. Hopefully I will have the time and motivation to break that personal record with yet another project, who knows. This will not be the last time you'll see me in the forums, but until next time, see you later!
  4. Hey, @Pock3t.com, @Valtrind, and @Monty! Whitelist slots are reserved exclusively for users who have VIP status via Patreon linked below: https://www.patreon.com/volitionservers You must donate a minimum of 10$ per month to the server. After the payment is confirmed, please contact Graphix7 on Discord. Other than by payment, only VIP players and administrators have access to whitelist slots. You cannot apply for whitelist, nor ask freely for whitelist status to administrators. Hope this helps!
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