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  1. Syri is pretty ok, not that my opinion matters, but he's pretty ok.
  2. Yeah, Ak's a pretty decent dude, from what I've seen.
  3. Luckily this is a forum, and an openly posted application that I have been granted the ability to post on! Egads, I do say. Regardless, I appreciate your lack of vision in that part, and inability to handle what I said. Good day, sir.
  4. Exact thoughts I had. And that "resume" looks like a crappy edit of the basic Google document resume.
  5. Is decent person. Has seal of approval from Nog. Not that it matters, but hey.
  6. I am...Mednog. Or Eggnog. Or, that dude. The medic. You'll find me chillin' in HDC's discord and sometimes running around in the I&A. I generally shitpost guns in the #guns-and-stuff channel in the discord. I'm, well, unique. Let's leave it at that. My personality is hard to describe/I just don't care enough to distill it into proper wording. If I can't be a medic, there's no joy in playing Arma. Or games in general. If you want to know more about me, find me and talk to me. Otherwise, I ain't gonna post my life story online.
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