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  1. Hello Jody, I'm sorry that you feel this way, but what you described about TheAaron doesn't really feel like his personality. Yes, what he seems to have done to you by shooting you down, is a tad bit unorthodox. Regarding the 'Teamkiller' named "Erip" have you ever made any complaint to an admin or said anything in the discord to alert any of the staff to what is going on? Signed, Colonel Gillis Enjoy Your Stay at Volition Servers Invade & Annex
  2. Hey dan, I know this may be a bit late but if you can go to your Steam Library>Games>Arma>Right Click>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files>Delete BattleEye>Go Back To The Properties>Then Select The "Verify Integrity Of Game Files, It should work for you as it has worked for me the "verify integrity of game files" takes about 5-10 maybe 15 mins
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