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A community guide to using the MK6 Mortar By buletsponge ('The Machine')

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Hello Everyone, 
Today im going to be showing you guys an easy guide to using the MK6 Mortar kit.

So, what exactly is a MK6 mortar Kit? How am I able to use it? Well.. First of all, in the I&A Server there is only one player slot that is able to use it at any given time. So you need to be in that slot before anything else. The Mk6 is a static mortar that is designed to launch 82 mm mortar shells. Once assembled in position, the Mk6 can fire eight-round salvos in 13 seconds between reloads which last six seconds. As such, each full firing cycle is 19 seconds. It is possible for a Mk6 to fire off all of its HE shells in just 51 seconds if done fast enough. 

It has three range modes available for firing:

  • Close range: 34 to 499 metres (ETA 14-10 seconds)
  • Medium range: 139 to 1,998 metres (ETA 28-20 seconds)
  • Far range: 284 to 4,078 metres (ETA 40-29 seconds)


This is Close.



This is Medium.med.thumb.jpg.e74a88c2ad7e1acd47a6ae4f2523d6fd.jpg


This is Far.far.thumb.jpg.9d70f8fbc7b69dd560d5d2b512c73679.jpg


Now, a MK6 mortar is assembled from two parts, A Mk6 Mortar Tube, And a MK6 Bipod - As shown here in the ATV's inventory.151350484_vehicinven.thumb.jpg.8d7f99d25c734c6a5395157610d012b3.jpg 


You can carry around your Mortar in one of two ways. One being have a friend carry one backpack and then you carry the other, When you need to set it up, have your friend drop his bag then you can assemble it. The second option is just to keep the baghs inside of a vehicle until you need it.

So, You want to pick out a good open spot that wont interfere with your mortars as they launch, like this one.2112535232_pickoutaspot.thumb.jpg.3686d2f700c93151631c2c1517e67a87.jpg


Get the bag  out of the Vehicle and place it on the ground. It does not mattter if the Bipod or the Tube is on the ground.871838740_packontheground.thumb.jpg.a1eeccc51231dbddca8f1e5b35357bef.jpg


Once that is done, Get the other bag from the vehicle and assemble it using the asseble option in the scroll wheel shown in the picture above. After you select that, it should spwn in front of you, like this:1957867321_Assembledontheground.thumb.jpg.2db7af3a0e3f898e055c865146b2a714.jpg

From here things are pretty easy, all you have to do is play the point and click mortar adventure game! Just make sure to reload your salvos first. Just click on the map that is within your range and then press fire. Bombs away!25322042_Firingsequence.thumb.jpg.049abdfc0fb06612884a6ef6bedeeca7.jpg


I hope this guide helps out all of you Mortar enthusiests! Have fun!

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You know, I keep thinking that all of this is obvious.  Like, "Everyone already knows all of this."  However, then I realize that... well... common sense ain't so common these days.  I will be bookmarking and sharing this with newbies definitely.

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