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Unofficial Whitelist Information Guide

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Whitelist Information Guide

Hello, user!

If you have clicked on this topic, you probably have questions regarding whitelist.
Whether it be from payment methods or how to have access to helicopter skins, this topic will address those questions with explanation and detail.

Note that this topic is not official from the staff team, instead, made by me, Appdata
I do not represent the Volition Server staff team nor the community's voice.
This is a guide with information of what I know, and would like to share with other players who might have a question regarding whitelist.

For more accurate and official information, contact a Head Staff member on Discord (availability may vary).


What is a Whitelist?

First of all, let's clear out that we're starting on the same page by addressing first the key question, 'what is a whitelist?'.
Whitelist is one of the privileges available to patrons for paying a minimum of 10$ per month to the Volition Servers through Patreon.

This gives access to two ArmA 3 Invade & Annex features:

  1. Access to reserved slots.*
  2. Access to custom helicopter skins**

* Reserved slots are not available for all in-game roles. Some roles may not have reserved slots at all.
** As of writing this topic, not all helicopters have custom skins.


How can I get patron Status?

As mentioned previously, you will need to pay a minimum of 10$ per month to the server via Patreon.
Click here to view Volition Server's Patreon.

Thanks to the Patreon-Discord link feature, you can easily link your Patreon and Discord account, so you will get your Discord account with patron status immediately.


How can I get whitelist status?

In comparison to the patron status, which is all done by the Patreon-Discord link, the whitelist status must be done manually by Graphix himself, to add you to the whitelist after confirmation.

To follow the correct procedure:

  1. Join the Discord server.
  2. Preferably, head to the 'Invade and Annex' section.
  3. Tag Graphix7 OR message him directly.
  4. Do NOT be inconsiderate by spamming mentions nor his inbox. This will result in repercussions.

After messaging or mentioning Graphix, he will message you back and will instruct you with the steps of confirmation.


Can I donate through other payment methods?

That's a question you'd rather ask Graphix himself, the owner of the community, not me.
However, I can reckon trying to pay through alternative methods instead of Patreon are most likely not welcome, so try to stick to just paying through Patreon.


Can I donate less than 10$ per month?

No, 10$ is the set price for having access to the whitelist.
Feel free to discuss it with Graphix, but be ensured you will leave empty handed.


Are there other ways to be whitelisted?

Yes, there is one alternative, payment-free, way.

The server hosts an automated weekly tournament which registers every point a player makes, depending on the role they're playing as.
As of now, engineers are the only class that does not have a whitelist tournament.

  • Field Medic
    Reviving incapacitated teammates.
  • Transport Pilot*
    Transporting teammates.
    Supplying cargo to the Forwards Operations Base.
  • Light Machine Gunner / Machine Gunner
  • Sniper
  • Light AT / Heavy AT
  • Engineer
    Not participant.

*Units must get out of the helicopter/VTOL by standard methods. If a unit leaves via fastrope, it does not count.
*Supplies transported to the FOB must be done via helicopter sling hook. Supply runs via Blackfish paradrops will not count towards the pilot's points.

To check your points while in-game: Tap HOME, select Leaderboards, click on the category you wish to see, and then click 'Select'.

The winner is automatically selected every Sunday at 11:59 PM, after the server restarts.
The winner of the category is added to the whitelist of the respective role (i.e. #1 of Revivalist gets medic whitelist), NOT an universal whitelist pass like 10$ patrons.


Who else do I contact if Graphix is not connected?

As of now, nobody else has access to the whitelist but Graphix himself.
There is no other user who will add you to the list.


Thanks for reading!
If you have any other questions, feel free to comment on this topic, or on the Discord 'Invade & Annex' channel.


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Thank you for putting this together @AppData!  I'm impressed with your work.  Not all of the details here are correct though, let me know if you're interested in working with me on advertisements and publicity.

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Hey, thanks!
I appreciate an opinion from yours, and I apologize for no response since... damn, almost a month.

Back on topic, yes, I am aware there are some errors and will be deleting this thread, and create a reworked v2, attempting to cover more questions and details, fix some grammar mistakes, and fix questions with more, correct information.

Also, regarding your offer, I'll think about it, but right now I'm more interested on creating helpful guides to share what I know to other users (right now, the whitelist. Later on, maybe a VTOL, weapon emplacement, or vehicle warfare guide? who knows).
These new guides might take some time, as I am not used to the forum's unique text formatting (rather used to BBCode), but eh, I'll get the hang on it later.

If anything, I'd be more interested in forum administration. I know its a rather inactive forum, but still, that might allow me to expand further ahead on where and what guides to create. Maybe a forums and in-game rules topic? but i'm getting too out of topic now, aren't I, heh.

Again, thanks for your comment!

Edited by AppData
guides n stuff

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