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  1. Graphix7

    Hello! I'm Frenchy308

    Cheers friend
  2. Graphix7

    CAS Slot on I&A Volition Servers Altis is Bugged

    Thank you for reporting this Steaders, this problem should be fixed as of the latest update to 117 on the server.
  3. Graphix7

    new player Apache

    Pleasure to meet you Apache. It's always nice to see some players from across the pond. Let me know if there are any problems while most of our admins are asleep. We may have need for a graveyard shift moderator!
  4. Graphix7

    Hello Hello Hello

    Cheers m8! ^_^
  5. Graphix7


    Can confirm. Most obscenely numerous gun pics I've ever encountered.
  6. Graphix7

    Hello, let's play!

    See? This guy gets it. Everyone should take a page from your playbook!
  7. Graphix7

    The name is Boolin.....

    Lookin' fly my guy!
  8. Graphix7


    Logistics Department confirms identity of the individual but refuses to do any further investigations for fear of personal injury. Documentation classified as code name Deep Terror. Sanitation department will be spearheading sterilizing VS presence and disposing of all evidence.
  9. Graphix7

    Hello from REDACTED

    Welcome to the party Redacted. I enjoy the Cyrus, but it's full auto function is almost useless due to slow fire rate. Cheers m8.
  10. Graphix7

    Howdy Howdy

  11. Congratulations to our prize winners of the raffle drawings to celebrate the anniversary of our Invade & Annex servers! 1st Raffle Drawing: $45 - First Prize: TSW555 $30 - Second Prize: Cowboy King $15 - Third Prize: AboveTheSky 2nd Raffle Drawing: $45 - First Prize: Night Fox $30 - Second Prize: Chase $15 - Third Prize: Kiwi 3rd Raffle Drawing: $45 - First Prize: Tiger $30 - Second Prize: Rapponotti $15 - Third Prize: Thomas Thank you to everyone that participated and thank you to everyone for being a part of Volition Servers! Where the server is dedicated to YOU!
  12. Graphix7

    Dear Diary...

    Please also post this on the Memology channel of the Discord!
  13. Graphix7

    Best server ever!!

    I'm glad you're enjoying our servers! Maintaining the facilitation for you and everyone to play the game you love together requires diligent effort as the community changes. Therefore, it's greatly appreciated to have outspoken and supportive members of the community willing to cooperate with our team as we accommodate the player base. So formally, on behalf of the community, thank you for being so generous and helping us make a server truly dedicated to you.
  14. Graphix7


    Hello Nathan, If you have a complaint about any of our staff members, I'd appreciate it if you contact me directly with your complaint. Thank you for your feedback!